Perceptron® Announces Rothenberger's® Release of Two New Products at the March 2011 ISH Trade Fair in Frankfurt, Germany

Plymouth, MI - Perceptron, Inc. (NASDAQ:PRCP) announced today that its customer, Rothenberger Werkzeuge GmbH of Kelkheim, Germany ("Rothenberger"), launched two new products that utilize the modular Roscope1000(TM) handheld inspection device at the 2011 ISH Trade Fair in Frankfurt Germany. The first is a "new" 16 meter Imager Reel 25/16, a redesign of the previous 25/22 reel, which supports a fresh new look, linking it to the Roscope(TM) family of products. The second is the "new" ROLOC Plus Line Detector, which is also designed for use with the Roscope1000(TM), and is used to detect and locate the exact position of the sonde transmitter on the 25/16 imager cable.

Richard Price, Vice President of Perceptron's Commercial Products Business Unit, commented, "These new products are built on the modular platform of the Roscope 1000(TM), and provide the plumbing technician with a comprehensive means of diagnosis in the field, at an extremely competitive system price. Both work in conjunction with the Roscope 1000(TM), the handheld inspection device we launched with Rothenberger last year. The 16 meter Imager Reel reflects a refined mechanical design and adjusted imager length based on direct feedback from tradespeople in the field. It also supports an integrated transmitting sonde device. Using the system the plumber can visually locate the damage or blockage in the pipe, then disconnect the Roscope 1000(TM) from the 16 meter Reel, connect it to the ROLOC Plus Line Detector, go outside, and precisely locate the exact position of the pipe blockage or damage. The ease and simplicity of using the ROLOC Plus Line Detector is in stark contrast to other line detectors on the market today. The navigational graphical user interface operates between two viewing options: the horizontal view to locate the transmitter, and the depth view to zero in on the actual location. The unit literally guides you in the proper direction and signifies the strength of the transmitter both graphically and through an audible tone. There is no need for any calculations or formulas in the navigation of this extremely accurate and user-friendly device."

Harry Rittenour, President and CEO of Perceptron, added, "Our goal with the Rothenberger team is to provide unique and cost-effective solutions to various professional plumbing applications, all of which interact with the core base product, the Roscope 1000(TM). Feedback from the ISH Trade Fair was very positive. Users have heard talk of the proposed expansion platform since the initial launch of the handheld unit, and have now expressed their approval and acceptance of these fresh and innovative products, and most specifically the modularity concept of linking the various products together."

Dr. Georg Wagner, member of the ROTHENBERGER AG Board and Managing Director of the ROTHENBERGER Core Business, commented, "The strategic cooperation between our two companies continues to create benefits. The modular concept approach we have adopted to help solve the everyday requirements of plumbers in analyzing and locating problems within pipe systems is satisfying all relevant features our customers are asking for. This was confirmed during our launch presentations at the recent International Sanitary and Heating Fair in Frankfurt/Germany. Based on this, we expect to achieve our joint targets which will help us to generate additional turnover and margin to continue on our growth pattern."

About Perceptron
Perceptron develops, produces, and sells non-contact measurement and inspection solutions for both industrial and commercial applications. The Company's Commercial Products Business Unit (CBU) develops and manufactures a variety of handheld visual inspection devices and add-on accessories that are sold to and marketed through strategic partners. CBU's products allow professional trades-people to see in restricted places and diagnose and solve problems without requiring time consuming and unnecessary tear out or disassembly. The Industrial Business Unit's (IBU) products provide solutions for manufacturing process control as well as sensor and software technologies for non-contact measurement and inspection applications. Automotive and manufacturing companies throughout the world rely on Perceptron's metrology solutions to help them manage their complex manufacturing processes to improve quality, shorten product launch times and reduce overall manufacturing costs. IBU also offers Value Added Services such as training and customer support services. Headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan, Perceptron has approximately 225 employees worldwide, with operations in the United States, Germany, France, Spain, Brazil, Japan, Singapore, China and India. For more information, please visit

About Rothenberger
For over 60 years Rothenberger has developed, produced and sold the most comprehensive line of pipe tools, pipe devices and pipe machines for the plumbing, heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration market worldwide. Headquartered in Kelkheim, near Frankfurt, Germany, Rothenberger has over 1500 employees in 11 factories and more than 40 sales and marketing companies worldwide. The all new Rothenberger TEC-Center with state-of-the-art training, development, service and manufacturing facilities enhances and supports the Company's continuous efforts to maintain and expand its leading market position for high quality premium pipe tools. For more information about Rothenberger, please visit In the North American market, Rothenberger is represented by Rothenberger USA LLC, 4455 Boeing Drive, Rockford, Illinois 61109, website:, phone (800) 545-7698, fax (815) 397-6174.

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