Peraso 60 GHz Solution Selected by Intracom Telecom for Small Cell Backhaul

Highly integrated RF solution designed into disruptive backhaul product, on display at Mobile World Congress 2015

TORONTO – Peraso Technologies Inc., a fabless semiconductor company specializing in the development of mm-wave wireless chipsets, today announced that its 60 GHz WiGig RF integrated circuits have been selected by Intracom Telecom as part of its StreetNode™ series of products for small-cell backhaul.

The PRS2152/2153 transmitter and receiver modules deliver unprecedented levels of integration to enable equipment manufacturers to launch product to market in the shortest period of time. Based on the Peraso PRS1125 transceiver IC, dozens of discrete components are eliminated resulting in optimizations of cost, power and area. Key features of the modules include:

 • Fully integrated VCO and PLL covers the entire 57-66 GHz frequency band

 • QPSK to 64QAM operation

 • Flat passband response across the complete V-band range

 • Direct connect to baseband devices via differential analog I/Q signals

 • Flexible support of channel bandwidth from 50 MHz to 2 GHz

 • Integrated WR15 waveguide interface

 • Compact 24mm x 28mm size

"We are very satisfied with the selection of Peraso 60GHz RF components into our backhaul product lineup," says Mr. Dimitrios Pantelopoulos, RD Head of Intracom Telecom. "The Peraso modules provide us with excellent performance across the entire V-band and in a form-factor that saved many months in our product design schedules."

Small cell deployments are expected to rollout rapidly in 2015 and beyond. In particular, 60 GHz wireless technology avoids congestion in the traditional sub-6 GHz bands and offers the greatest amount of spectrum reuse and network capacity benefits. 60 GHz is viewed by telecom operators as an essential component to quickly scale capacity in densely populated urban centers.

"It is very encouraging to be designed into a carrier grade product from a principal equipment supplier such as Intracom," says Ron Glibbery, President and CEO of Peraso Technologies. "We are delighted to be working with a partner who recognizes the value and opportunity of bringing innovative, integrated and low power small cell backhaul solutions to market."

The PRS2152/PRS2153 modules and the PRS1125 transceiver are available immediately in production quantities to address multi-gigabit wireless Ethernet applications including small cell backhaul, Wi-Fi infrastructure, and point-to-point links for campus, municipal and mass transit environments. Devices are designed to operate over industrial temperature range (-40 to +85 degrees C).

Intracom Telecom's 60 GHz solution, StreetNode™ V60-PTP, will be publicly displayed at the Intracom Telecom booth at Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, March 2-5, in Hall #6, Booth #6I40, and at the Peraso Booth #7K50.

About Peraso Technologies, Inc.

Peraso is a fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Toronto, Canada. The company is focused on the development of 60 GHz chip sets and solutions compliant with the IEEE 802.11ad specification targeting a variety of markets, including high speed mobility, small cell backhaul, Wi-Fi infrastructure and point-to-point links. 60 GHz has seen strong industry endorsement has been adopted for interoperability certification by the Wi-Fi Alliance under the WiGig® brand. For more information, visit

About Intracom Telecom

Intracom Telecom is a global telecommunication systems solutions vendor operating for over 35 years in the market. Intracom Telecom innovates in the areas of small-cell backhaul, wireless transmission and broadband wireless access and has successfully deployed its industry leading point-to-point and point-to-multipoint packet radio systems worldwide. Moreover, the company offers a competitive portfolio of revenue-generating telco software solutions and a complete range of ICT services, focusing on big data analytics, converged networking and cloud computing for operators and private, public and government clouds. The company invests significantly in RD developing cutting-edge products and integrated solutions that ensure customer satisfaction. Over 100 customers in more than 70 countries choose Intracom Telecom for its state-of-the-art technology. The company employs more than 1,800 people and operates subsidiaries in Europe, Russia and the CIS, the Middle East and Africa, Asia and North America. For more information, visit

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