PENTAX Medical Launches New PENTAX RetroView(TM) Colonoscope in Canada

MONTVALE, NJ - PENTAX Medical is pleased to announce commercial availability in Canada of the new PENTAX RetroView(TM) Colonoscope - the first high definition video colonoscope with an enhanced retroflex bending section.

The PENTAX RetroView(TM) Colonoscope (EC-3490TLi) is a pediatric size (11.6mm) colonoscope with 3.2mm instrument channel, 4-way tip angulation and forward viewing, 140° field-of-view optics. The new enhanced retroflex bending section features a 210 degree tip angulation and shorter bending section (9.0cm length) that reduces the retroflex position diameter by25% - when compared to the PENTAX standard pediatric colonoscope, EC-3490Li. The PENTAX RetroView(TM) Colonoscope may offer potential benefits in both diagnostic colonoscopy procedures for colorectal cancer screening and therapeutic colonoscopy procedures such as endoscopic polypectomy.

As the latest addition to the successful PENTAX i-series endoscopes, the PENTAX RetroView(TM) Colonoscope features PENTAX HD+ image quality, graduated stiffness technology and compatibility with the PENTAX HD+ line of processors. PENTAX i-series endoscopes and the PENTAX HD+ platform are widely used at top academic teaching institutions and major hospitals throughout the world.

The PENTAX RetroView(TM) Colonoscope was also recently featured at the 2012 International Course on Therapeutic Endoscopy, organized by the Therapeutic Endoscopy Group of St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto, ON. There was positive reaction and interest by both faculty and attendees following its use in live cases throughout the course.

"PENTAX Medical has a long history of being a trusted partner with the gastrointestinal endoscopy community. We continue to strengthen this partnership by delivering the best endoscopic products and creating cost-effective solutions. The new PENTAX RetroView(TM) Colonoscope is a good example of our commitment. It is designed for greater maneuverability, which provides the potential for visualization of more hidden polyps and easier access to the distal side of polyps. We are excited about this product's potential impact on advancing both meaningful clinical care and hospital efficiency," stated David Woods, President, PENTAX Medical, Americas.

The PENTAX RetroView(TM) Colonoscope - model number EC-3490TLi has been licensed by Health Canada. FDA clearance for release in the US and Latin American release is expected at a later date. The PENTAX RetroView(TM) Colonoscope is also available globally in select European and Asian markets.

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