Penetrometer provides integrated data-processing software.

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PANDA allows compaction control over full depth of standard or narrow trenches, embankments, roads, dams, and earth dykes. It verifies depth of layers and uniformity of compaction. Unit enables surveying of various abnormalities, including desiccation, fissures, faults, and voids. PANDA can test down to 16 ft, depending on material, in soil layers and hard ground. It holds database of materials and plots reference curves according to compaction objective for material.

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FTPO - S118 - SOL SOLUTION Ultra-Light Penetrometer With Integrated Data Processing Software

Chicago, September 19, 2002
The PANDA from the French company SOL SOLUTION is the only ultra-light dynamic penetrometer for compaction control of trenches and soil surveys supplied with data acquisition and processing software running under Windows. The unit allows compaction control over the full depth of standard or narrow trenches (electricity, gas, telecommunications, water), various embankments, roads, dams, and earth dykes. It can also verify the depth of layers and the uniformity of compaction. Weighing just forty-four pounds, it can be used at the bottom of excavations.

The penetrometer is also designed for preliminary soil surveys (roads, pipelines, development areas), surveying for low-rise buildings having depths of influence ranging from ten to thirteen feet, and temporary structures. It enables the surveying of various abnormalities, including desiccation, fissures, faults or voids.

Soil compaction tests are carried out by driving a one to two inch cone on the end of a set of rods into the soil using a fixed weight hammer. For each hammer blow a microprocessor records the speed of impact of the hammer, calculating the amount of energy used. The microprocessor then uses the depth of penetration and energy for each hammer blow to calculate the dynamic cone resistance. This information is then recorded and displayed along with the corresponding depth. Studies have proved the reliability of the results obtained when compared with standard in situ tests.

The PANDA has high capability penetration that enables it to test down to sixteen feet, depending on the material, in soil layers and hard ground. Transported in a carrying case with all its accessories, its automatic operation and low weight mean it can be used by a single operator in all terrains. This makes it possible to carry out multiple tests at a reduced cost in the most difficult conditions. The unit does not require a separate power supply, as it comes with a rechargeable battery. Its software enables data processing in soil surveys as well as compaction control. The PANDA holds a database of materials, enabling it to plot reference curves (acceptance and rejection) according to the compaction objective for the given material.

Tests carried out using the PANDA conform to the NF XP P 94-105 standard. The penetrometer makes it possible to produce standardized reports that contain all necessary data for tracking site quality. The PANDA is accredited by the Transport Research Laboratory (UK), and is undergoing approval in the United States (used by New York City), China (Ministry of Roads and Energy), and Switzerland.

Strongly committed to export, Sol Solution is present in several
countries and is seeking North American distributors. The company will be exhibiting at POLLUTEC, November 26-29, in Lyon, France, at the Eurexpo Center, Hall 2, Booth 21-11.

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