Pendulum Holder positions workpieces quickly.

Press Release Summary:

EROWA 3D-pendulum holder enables attachment of workpieces on outside or directly on WEDM center in desired horizontal machining position. Holder features eccentric adjustment facilities in 3 axes which allow workpiece to be aligned in proper position quickly and easily. Pendulum holder can be used for workpieces up to 15 kg, has repeatability of 0.002 mm, and can be used with automatic handling systems during marginal and night hours.

Original Press Release:

EROWA 3D-Pendulum Holder-Always in the Right Position

Arlington Heights, IL, October 31, 2002 - EROWA offers their 3D-pendulum holder for users looking for a new way to get workpieces into the desired machining position in less time.

The EROWA 3D-pendulum holder, in combination with various EROWA WEDM clamping elements, will enable you to place attached workpieces on the outside or directly on the WEDM center in the desired horizontal machining position. The holder features eccentric adjustment facilities in three axes and if these are readjusted, the workpiece will be aligned in the proper position both quickly and easily.

The low design of the holder allows for optimal machining. The pendulum holder can be loaded with workpieces of up to 15kg and has a repeatability of 0.002mm. The upper and lower wire guides are very close to the workpiece, which further enhances precision.

The pendulum holder has been prepared for automatic handling to turn marginal and night hours into valuable production time. The pendulum holder can be used in conjunction with the complete EROWA PalletSet W tooling range and is a helpful clamping element for any WEDM center.

EROWA Technology, Inc. is a world leader in manufacturing solutions including workholding, standardized tooling systems, custom workholding and automation, and has applications in a variety of industries including production machining and EDM.

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