Peltier Thermoelectric Cooler delivers precisely controlled refrigeration.

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Able to cool down to 45°C below ambient room temperature, MegaCool225 is designed for large heat pumping applications and accommodates needs of lab refrigerators/freezers and industrial enclosures. Unit may be used as cold plate contact cooler; as 700 BTU air conditioner, with attachment of matched air exchanger; and fluid loop cooler with attachment of matched fluid heat exchanger. Integrated technology also permits contents of enclosure to be warmed up in precise increments of 0.1°C.

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Powerful MegaCool225 TEC from Tellurex Improves Organ Transportation and Laboratory Sample Control

Powerful MegaCool225 TEC From Tellurex Improves Organ Transportation and Laboratory Sample Control

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. -- Tellurex Corporation announces a new Peltier thermoelectric cooler technology that provides fast, energy-efficient and precisely controlled refrigeration for lab refrigerators and freezers, as well as industrial enclosures, without the electronic noise and bulk associated with conventional gas-cooled units.

The MegaCool225 is a Tellurex Peltier cooler that supports fixed refrigeration and portable units and represents significant improvements to strategies for organ transportation, lab sample storage, and handling of biological samples, forensic samples and blood samples.

It should also be considered by manufacturers of wine coolers for restaurants, caterers and event managers where the end customer desires shorter set up times and a capability to meet unexpected demand spikes for precisely cooled wines and beers with minimal serving delay after bottle loading.

Packing the power to cool down to 45 degrees Celsius below ambient room temperature, the Tellurex MegaCool225 is designed for large heat pumping applications from compact refrigeration to air conditioning to wine coolers.

The versatility of this unit is demonstrated by the ability to use it as a cold plate contact cooler, or attach the matched air exchanger to the cold plate and utilize it as a 700 BTU air conditioner, or attach the matched fluid heat exchanger to use it as a fluid loop cooler.

In addition to providing protective storage indoors to well below freezing, the Tellurex technology also permits the contents of the enclosure to be warmed up in precise increments of 0.1 degree C on a timed schedule to make sure that human organs or lab materials are sealed and protected while awaiting the next stage of a laboratory or medical process and yet are ready for immediate use upon extraction.

There are several advantages to a powerful cold plate cooler from Tellurex: 1) compact package; 2) faster cooling; 3) precise temperature control to 0.1 degree C; 4) thermo cycling on demand; 5) lighter weight than gas cooled units; 6) improved portability of coolers; 6) more cooling volume per pound; 7) very little electronic noise to disturb adjacent sensitive technologies; 8) quiet operation; 9) gas free design than cannot leak refrigerants; 10) low power consumption.

The muscular heat pump of the Tellurex MegaCool225 supports compact refrigerators and freezers and portable refrigeration units and will be especially welcome where fast refrigeration to a precise temperature is desirable. Restaurants will appreciate the capability to support unexpected high customer counts with properly cooled drinks without service interruption.

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