Pelican Products and BMS Help Homeland Security and Law Enforcement Monitor Situations

TORRANCE, CA - September 5, 2006 - Pelican(TM) Products' high-impact, watertight Protector(TM) Cases have been chosen to house the BMS BVII, PBR24 and Carry-Viewer II Portable Video Receiver Systems.

"BMS technology is contributing a remote video surveillance solution that greatly advances the capabilities of law enforcement and we are pleased to provide a tough equipment protection solution for this potentially life saving product," said Mark Rolfes, Pelican's Vice President of Sales.

Perfect for law enforcement, homeland security and public safety surveillance, the systems are integrated in 1520 Protector(TM) Cases which act as a portable watertight, crush-proof chassis.

"We used Pelican Protector Cases to house our progressive portable technology because they are renowned for their durability," said Robert Bauer, Director of Sales and Marketing for BMS. "It's important to keep life saving equipment safe and protected so it will function when it's needed and Pelican Protector Cases deliver that in spades."

Both the BVII and PBR24 are PAL and NTSC-compliant and come standard with a broad beam, patch type antenna suitable for a 1-2 mile range. Additional standard features include rechargeable batteries and charger, an AC adapter with cigarette lighter power capabilities for extended operation, an onscreenpower status bar, and external AV jacks for use with video recording devices.

o BVII - is a DVB-T compliant, COFDM digital, microwave receiver that features a 10.4 inch, direct-sun viewable, LCD video monitor, digital encryption technology for maximum signal security and can run for up to 2 hours on one charge.

o PBR24 - is a portable analog FM Receiver that includes a 10.4-inch diagonal color LCD monitor with soft viewing hood, an integrated battery and charger allowing video viewing for up to two hours.

o Carry-Viewer II - is a digital handheld portable microwave receiver and works in conjunction with the BVII and PBR24. It features two batteries with a charger and a seven-inch, high-resolution, LCD color monitor for displaying live video from aerial to ground observation platforms.

Additionally, it sports a two dBi Omni antenna, COFDM demodulation,PIN-code scrambling for security and it automatically adjusts to transmit parameters.

Pelican Protector(TM) Cases boast a fully-stackable, trademarked "Dual Band" design and a cell-core construction that protects sensitive equipment from some of the harshest conditions on Earth. Additional standard features include a lid equipped with a polymer o-ring for a dust-proof/waterproof seal and an automatic Gore-TEX® pressure equalization valve that will stop moisture from entering the case and prevent vacuum lock so it's easier to open the case at any altitude. To ensure easy and immediate
access, most cases in the line feature double-throw latches that have been engineered to withstand nearly 400 pounds of pressure, yet open with a light pull.

As with all Pelican products, their cases are backed by a Legendary Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence: "You break it, we replace it...forever."(TM)

About Pelican
Pelican is a leading manufacturer of OEM and equipment protection solutions. Their high-impact, watertight Protector(TM) Case line is among the toughest, lightest and most dependable on the market and backed by a legendary Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence - "You Break It, We Replace It...Forever."

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About BMS
Broadcast Microwave Services, Inc. was founded in 1982 to develop and market microwave products for video and data transmission. In 1984, the company was purchased by, and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Cohu, Inc., a San Diego based public company (NASDAQ-COHU). BMS has developed an extensive product line for the transmission of video for electronic news gathering (ENG) capabilities in mobile vans, fixed wing and helicopter aircraft, and portable applications. An extensive capability has also been
developed for law enforcement applications, and also for unmanned vehicle, video, data & control transmission for advance ground and aerial surveillance.

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