PCIe Controller Chips support serial, parallel, and GPIO.

Press Release Summary:

Consisting of 4 devices, MCS99XX Series enables variety of PCI Express® to multiple I/O connectivity options. Serial ports are compatible with RS232, RS422, and RS485 standards and support throughput from 50 bps to 16 Mbps, while parallel port is compatible with IEEE 1284 and supports Nibble, Byte, SPP, ECP, and EPP modes. All 8 GPIO pins are programmable and can be used as input or output. I2C interface is provided to configure MCS9900 device options through external EEPROM.

Original Press Release:

MosChip Launches Four Multi-Function PCI Express® Controller Chips Boasting Built-in Support for Serial, Parallel, and GPIO, Addressing Many Consumer and Industrial Applications

The MCS9900, MCS9901, MCS9904, MCS9922 Controllers Ideal for Media Player Docking Stations; Serial Attached Devices; POS Terminals; Parallel / Printer Ports; Add-On I/O Cards; I/O Expansion; Industrial Applications

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - - MosChip Semiconductor Technology Ltd., a leading provider of high performance connectivity solutions for consumer, industrial and computing applications, today announced its MCS99XX multi-function PCI Express® (PCIe) controller chipset consisting of four devices. The connectivity controller chips provide built in support to enable a variety of PCIe to multiple I/O (IO) connectivity options. Wellsuited applications include connectivity for docking stations in popular media players; serial attached devices; serial networking / monitoring equipment; Point of Sale (POS) terminals; parallel / printer ports; add-on serial and / or
parallel I/O cards; embedded systems I/O expansions; and industrial control, security, monitoring and PC applications.

The MCS99XX product family has four devices: MCS9900CV-AA; MCS9904CV-AA; MCS9901CV-CC; and MCS9922CV-AA. The core product, MCS9900, offers full flexibility while the other three devices are optimized with fixed I/O configurations.

Functional Details

The MCS99XX product family serial ports are compatible with RS232, RS422 and RS485 standards and supports throughput from 50 bps to 16 Mbps. The parallel port is compatible with IEEE 1284 and supports Nibble; Byte; SPP; ECP; and EPP modes. All eight GPIO pins are programmable and can be used as Input or Output. An I2C interface
is provided to configure MCS9900 device options through an external EEPROM.

All four MCS99XX devices provide an option for peripheral expansion through MosChip's proprietary Cascade interface. The generic cascade interface allows interconnecting with similar chips from MosChip, such as the MCS9950, to expand the peripheral ports. The devices are packaged in 128-pin LQFP, ROHS.


The MCS9900 is a single lane multifunction PCIe to I/O controller. It supports two modes of operations which are selectable through device mode pin selects. Mode one supports four serial and eight GPIO ports. Mode two supports two serial, one parallel and eight GPIO ports.


The MCS9901CV-CC is hardwired to 2-Serial plus 1‐parallel mode. It can be programmed to lower configurations (such as 2-serial, or 1-serial and 1-parallel, or 1-parallel) through EEPROM.


The MCS9904 is hardwired to 4‐serial mode. It can be programmed to lower configurations (such as 3‐Serial, 2‐ Serial or 1‐Serial) through EEPROM.


The MCS9922 is hardwired to 2‐Serial mode. It can be programmed to lower configurations (such as 1-serial) through EEPROM.

Recommended operating conditions are rated for a 1.2V digital or analog power supply while the I/O supply voltage is rated at 3.3V digital or analog power supply, at 0-85o C. The parts are fully compliant with PCI Express base specification, revision 1.1.

"The MCS99XX family of chips extends MosChip's already comprehensive offering in providing advanced connectivity solutions for consumer and industrial applications," said Bhanu Nanduri, COO of MosChip. "In addition, the availability of these devices comes with the option for complete system hardware and embedded to applicationlevel
software solutions and support from MosChip. This provides our customers with a more rapid design path to realizing completed and available market solutions."


The parts are offered with robust support and reference design services. Robust software support for the respective devices includes Windows® 7, 32 and 64 bit; Windows 32 and 64/XP 2008 server; Windows 32, 2000/XP /2003 server and Windows 64 XP/2003 server; Windows Vista 32 & 64 bit; WinCE® 5.0 and 6.0; Linux® Kernel 2.6.28 and
above; Mac® 10.4 and above; Windows-XP based EEPROM, GPIO utility and diagnostics. The parts have WHQL certification for Windows XP and Vista device drivers. Comprehensive design support from MosChip includes the following to enable embedded designers to rapidly expedite complete designs from base design schematics:
  • Reference Design Schematics
  • Evaluation Board
  • PCIe to Serial
  • PCIe to Parallel
  • PCIe to Serial and Parallel
  • Software (FW support)
  • System design data and other related data
  • Technical collateral

    All parts are now shipping in large quantities. Pricing for all parts are as follows, for 10,000 unit quantities: the MCS9900 starts at $7.00. The MCS9901 is $5.25. The MCS9904 is $6.75 and the MCS9922 is $5.00.

    About MosChip Semiconductor Technology Ltd.

    MosChip Semiconductor Technology Limited, a fabless semiconductor company, was founded in 1999 with headquarters and a design center in Hyderabad, India. The operations, sales and marketing activities are conducted via its wholly owned subsidiary, MosChip Semiconductor Technology, USA. The company has several products that include USB, PCI and PCIe connectivity; network appliance processors and co-processors; and audio-video content processors. For more information about MosChip, please visit www.moschip.com.

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