PCI Dual Host Controller works with Microsoft Vista.

Press Release Summary:

Featuring embedded CPU interface, SD GOLD HOST 2705 - II offers complete SD/SDIO development and testing platform for MCUs, microprocessors, and SoCs. It handles SD memory with data transfer rates to 20 Mbps and supports SD protocol-based solutions such as SDIO Wireless 802.11 cards, Bluetooth, modem, GPS, and LAN adapter. Along with multiple bus configuration support, this PCI/IDE to SD Memory or SDIO Bridge is capable of booting Windows OS from SD memory.

Original Press Release:

Jinvani Systech has Launched the Microsoft Vista Compatible Version of PCI Dual Host Controller with a New Embedded CPU Interface

SD Gold Host 2705 - II
(PCI/IDE to SD Memory / SDIO Bridge)

Las Vegas, NV - Jan 8, 2007 - Jinvani Systech, The developer and manufacture of world's renowned SD/SDIO Products and solutions, has launched the new version of industry's first Microsoft Vista compatible PCI to SD/SDIO Dual Host controller - SD GOLD HOST 2705 - II. This new SD Gold host II provides new Embedded CPU interface along with PCI and ATA. SD Gold host II provides a complete SD/SDIO development and testing platform for microcontrollers/ microprocessors and various SoCs. The enhanced DMA, resolution of Power issues related to Microsoft XP and Vista Operating Systems and few bug fixed boosts system integrator, thin client vendors, evaluation platform builders, testing engineers and various other application developers to implement SD/SDIO functionalities in various kinds of products. SD Gold host cards support most of the SD protocol based solutions such as SDIO Wireless 802.11 cards, SDIO Bluetooth, SDIO Modem, SDIO GPS, SDIO LAN adapter and all different kinds of S D memories.

SD Gold Host 2705 - II is a production quality SD and SDIO bridging solution for PCs and capable of handling high speed large SD memory with faster data transfer rate (up to 20 Mbps) and multiple bus configuration support. Microprocessor and microcontroller based applications can connect the address and Data bus using a new connector and use it in device driver development. SD Gold host support native SD PCI drivers built in Windows-CE, Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista SP 1. Support for Linux and various RTOS is available through Jinvani's JSMIMC SD bus stack derivers. The product offers low power consumption and is capable of booting Windows OS from SD memory (any other stored Operating System without the need of a hard disk) Jinvani Systech is leading into the embedded market space with an excellent experience in development and manufacturing of Secure Digital (SD) Host controllers. Either you are a home user looking for SD accessories or company looking for someone to develop a SD and/or SDIO related solution, Jinvani Systech Inc. can help. For further information please visit: www.jinvanisystech.com Jinvani Systech
2098 B Walsh Ave.
Santa Clara, CA, 95050, USA

Phone: 408 216 7130
Fax : 408 982 9970
E-Mail: info@jinvanisystech.com

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