PCB Substrate is designed for LED module applications.

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Tlam(TM) SS LLD is thermally-conductive PCB substrate that allows for heat dissipation in bright and ultra-bright LED module applications. Product features copper circuit layer and aluminum or copper base plate bonded together with LLD dielectric, which provides electrical isolation, thermal transfer, and adhesion layer for substrate. Standard constructions are made with 1 or 2 oz copper and 0.040 or 0.062 in. thick aluminum.

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Laird Technologies Releases Enhanced Tlam(TM) SS LLD Thermally Conductive PCB Substrate

Low-cost, High-performance Thermal Substrate Specifically Designed for LED Module Applications

St. Louis, Missouri, USA - Laird Technologies, Inc., a global leader in the design and supply of customized performance-critical components and systems for advanced electronics and wireless products, today announced the release of its enhanced Tlam(TM) SS LLD for use as a thermally conductive printed circuit board (PCB) substrate.

The Tlam SS LLD is a versatile, thermally-enhanced PCB substrate system specifically designed for heat dissipation in bright and ultra-bright LED module applications. The thermally conductive PCB substrate provides 8-10 times the heat dissipation as compared to conventional FR4-based PCBs; a key ability in keeping components cool.

A copper circuit layer and aluminum or copper base plate are bonded together with an LLD dielectric, which is essential to the high-performance of the PCB substrate. The dielectric can fit, and is processed through, standard FR4 print-and-etch operations without various parameter modifications. These dielectrics provide electrical isolation, thermal transfer, and an adhesion layer for the substrate.

"The enhanced Tlam SS LLD substrate improves thermal transference from the heat source to the heat sink through PCBs, reducing the thermal stress placed on the PCB," commented Jeffrey Chuang, Laird Technologies Tlam Product Manager. "These new improvements benefit the LED market by providing a higher performing, lower cost thermal interface that extends operational life to the LED apparatus."

The Tlam SS LLD boards are processed through standard pick-and-place surface mount technology (SMT) and manual wire bond operations. Standard constructions are made with one or two ounce copper and 0.040 (1) or 0.059 (1.5) inch (mm) thick aluminum, grade 5052; 0.040 (1) or 0.062 (1.6) inch (mm) thick aluminum, grade 6061; with a copper base available.

As the minimization of electronic devices continues to pack increasing power into smaller packages, Laird Technologies continues to excel at designing industry-leading, thermally-conductive PCB substrates for applications requiring the best thermal performance and resistance to thermal cycling.

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