PCB Measuring Instruments use three test methods.

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X-Ray XDLM®, MMS® SR, and CU-SCOPE(TM) provide non-destructive measurement of copper coating on PC boards using X-ray fluorescence, electrical resistance, and eddy current test methods. XDLM features micro-focal X-ray tube and high speed programmable XY measuring stage with travel distance of 10 in. and 5.8 in. respectively. MMS® SR accepts wide array of measuring probes. CU-SCOPE hand-held unit indicates whether copper coating thickness inside PC-board's through-holes meets required specifications.

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Fischerscope Famlily Of PCB Measuring Instruments Uses Three Test Methods To Measure Copper Coating Thickness On PC-Boards

FISCHERSCOPE® FAMILY OF PCB MEASURING INSTRUMENTS USES THREE TEST METHODS TO MEASURE COPPER COATING THICKNESS ON PC-BOARDS WINDSOR, CT (October 24, 2001)-The Fischerscope(R) family of PCB measuring instruments from Fischer Technology employs three different test methods to measure the thickness of copper, electroplated coatings and other finishes, easily meeting the exacting quality assurance demands for PC-boards. Comprised of the X-Ray XDLM(R), the MMS(R) SR, and the hand-held CU-SCOPE(TM), these measurement instruments provide fast, precise, non-destructive measurement of copper coating on PC-boards using the X-ray fluorescence, electrical resistance and eddy current test methods. The Fischerscope X-Ray XDLM-PCB is specially configured to measure coating thickness on printed circuit boards using the X-ray fluorescence method according to DIN 50987 and ASTM B568. Whether measuring a thin gold coating, Sn/PB solder pads or newer lead-free configurations, the XDLM-PCB easily handles these applications. It features a micro-focal X-ray tube and a high precision, high speed, programmable XY measuring stage with X-Y travel distance of 10" (250 mm) and 5.8" (148 mm) respectively. The large 12" x 18" x 20" (300 mm x 460 mm x 500 mm) slotted measuring chamber easily handles oversized boards. Fischer's WinFTM® windows-based software enables easy pre-calibration by simply entering the coating and base elements - standard calibration is not required. Measurement points are easily programmed through a simple point-and-click procedure. XY measurement programs can consist of grid arrays, selected points, or a combination of the two. In addition, the instrument is fully auto-focus capable in the X-Y program mode and the X-ray measuring head is programmable in the Z-axis. The micro-focus X-ray tube H.V. setting is adjustable to 50 kV, 40 kV or 30 kV to maximize applications. A range of collimators is available from 4 mil circles to 2 mil x 12 mil rectangles. The modular Fischerscope MMS® SR accepts a wide array of measuring probes and, with the appropriate probe, is an ideal tool for measuring a wide range of PCB applications. Measurement Probe ERCu is ideally suited for measuring copper coating thickness on laminates and multilayers. Using the electrical resistance method, the ERCu is not influenced by copper coating on underlying layers. Measurement Probe ESL08A measures copper thickness in through-holes using the eddy current method. The needle-shaped probe tip, which carries the actual measurement element, is inserted into the through-hole. Interim layers do not influence the reading because of the patented design of the probe. The lightweight, portable Fischerscope CU-SCOPE CMP1A uses the eddy current test method to accurately measure the thickness of copper coating inside through-holes. In seconds, the hand-held unit indicates whether the copper coating thickness inside the PC-board's through-holes meets required specifications. The flow of the eddy current through the unique needle-shaped probe is in the longitudinal direction of the copper-coated sleeve - the same direction as the flow of electrical current in the finished PC-board. This design ensures the accuracy of measured copper thickness is not significantly affected by through-hole diameter, by the type of PC-board finish or by the type of board construction.

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