PCB and Substrate Surface Finish has modifiable surface energy.

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With properties optimized for solder through, solderability, corrosion resistance, flux containment, and creep corrosion suppression, Semblant Plasma Finish (SPF) is intended for high-volume production but can be used in prototype and low-volume production as well. This truly disruptive nano-coating, which does not generate any hazardous waste or consume any water, contains no carcinogens and is safe in process as well as final material.

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Semblant Releases the SPF(TM) Solution

The Plasma Coating & Surface Finish Deemed Product of the Future

Chandler AZ - Semblant Limited has announced the release of the Semblant Plasma Finish (SPF), its first solution in what will be an extensive portfolio of plasma coatings. SPF is a versatile PCB and substrate surface finish that has extraordinary properties.

SPF is a nano-coating that is truly disruptive. The SPF material has properties that include solder through, exceptional solderability, ultra-corrosion resistance, flux containment, creep corrosion suppression and has a modifiable surface energy. It's as good as gold or silver and, in many ways, much better.

The SPF Solution uses as little as 10% of the energy consumed by a nickel/gold line*, generates no hazardous waste and has no water consumption. The SPF process contains no carcinogens (unlike the metal finishes) and is safe in process and final material. Because it is a nano-coating, the material consumption is infinitesimal compared to any other finish process.

The SPF Solution includes the plasma system required to deposit the material. The system is geared to high volume production but can be used in prototype and low volume production as well. Developed with Nordson March, the plasma system is named the SPF ProVIA system and has a 350,000 panel per year throughput capability.

"The release of the SPF Solution changes everything," said Steven Lowder, CEO of Semblant Limited. "First, this product is the most versatile finish ever produced for the printed circuit board industry. Second, it is truly economical especially when compared to the precious metal finishes currently in use. And third, although the deposition technology is extremely sophisticated, we've made the operation of the ProVIA SPF machine very simple. It is, in fact, a one button operation. And finally, this is the most environmentally friendly solution of its type in existence. We are very proud to be introducing SPF(TM) to the printed circuit board market."

A number of large OEMs and PCB Fabricators have been given the opportunity to evaluate the SPF(TM) Solution. Commenting on Semblant's SPF finish, David Hillman, Rockwell Collin's Principal Material & Process Engineer stated, "In a collaborative testing program, Semblant and Rockwell Collins demonstrated the uniquely robust solderability characteristics of Semblant's SPF finish. Test vehicles were conditioned for four hours at 150C and then tested in accordance with the IPC-JSTD-003 specification. Test results revealed no degradation or impact of the severe conditioning of the immersion silver or bare copper printed wiring board finishes. Rockwell Collins is currently evaluating the Semblant's SPF finish for a number of printed wiring board and assembly applications." SPF meets the 12 month shelf life standard as defined by J-STD-003, and has demonstrated excellent soldering performance after further accelerated aging testing as well.

Industry guru and technology inventor Robert Tarzwell added, "SPF is truly a product of the future that is ready for high volume production today. The uses for this product will extend far beyond printed circuit board technology. For an industry that has been technologically-stalled for decades, Semblant's SPF Solution will allow the OEMs and fabricators to solve today's material-based problems with clean technology that is free from all of the hassles of the metal based solutions. With gold and silver prices continuing to rise, I'm glad that Semblant has developed this alternative."

Semblant's SPF can be seen in the Christopher Associates booth at APEX in Las Vegas this April.

Note: * Based on simulations of the SPF ProVIA system in operation at high volume and compared against energy consumption figures published by the US EPA in the PWB Surface Finishes Cleaner Technologies Substitutes Assessment.

See http://www.epa.gov/opptintr/dfe/pubs/pwb/ctsasurf/pwb-pub.htm

SPF and ProVIA SPF are trademarked proprietary names

About Semblant Limited
Established in 2009, Semblant Limited is an international company within the IPEX portfolio, specializing in plasma deposition for the electronics industry. Semblant has developed revolutionary electronic coatings and PCB surface finish technology. Comprising an ultra-thin, environmentally friendly, Nano-coating, the finish provides major advantages over current PCB coating technologies. The company's disruptive technology addresses a 1.6 billion dollar market and has the potential to be used in a wide variety of applications within the telecommunications, automotive, and consumer electronics markets.

Ipex Capital Limited is an independent, UK-based venture capital company providing funding to science and technology companies. Ipex Capital Limited is the sole investor in its venture companies at their early stages and provides hands-on commercial, legal, accounting and HR support to allow the companies to develop and create value without having to be concerned about financing and professional support.

For more information go to: www.semblantglobal.com

About Nordson MARCH
Nordson MARCH is the global leader in plasma processing technology for the semiconductor, printed circuit board (PCB), microelectronics, medical device, and life science industries. Nordson MARCH has operations and support centers worldwide, including California, Florida, Europe, Singapore, China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. With over 20 years of continuous innovation, Nordson MARCH designs and manufactures a complete line of award-winning and patented plasma processing systems. An expert staff of scientists and engineers is available to assist in the design of plasma processes that improve both product reliability and increase production yields. For more information go to: www.nordsonMARCH.com

SPF is a trademark of Semblant Limited
ProVIA is a trademark of Nordson MARCH

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