PC Scope Adapter offers 1 Mb buffer memory.

Press Release Summary:

USB-bus powered, PicoScope 3206 features 200 MHz analog bandwidth and single-shot, 8-bit sampling rate of 200 MS/s. Using Equivalent Time Sampling for repetitive signals, sampling rate is increased to 10 GS/s. Waveform storage is limited only by PC's storage capability. Once captured, PicoScope software allows user to zoom-in on signal at up to 2,000x magnification. Built-in signal generator can output sine, square, and triangle waves up to 1 MHz.

Original Press Release:

New USB-Adaptor Turns PCs into Fast Scopes!

Pittsford, NY. PicoScope 3206 is a new PC scope adapter that offers a level of performance that exceeds any PC scope currently manufactured, claims Saelig Company. As a general purpose oscilloscope, the large memory and high bandwidth of PicoScope 3206 make it ideal for use in all areas of test and measurement - from manufacturing and repair to research and development - powerful enough to replace benchtop oscilloscopes. And it is small enough to carry anywhere you need.

PicoScope 3206 has an impressive 200 MHz analogue bandwidth and a single-shot 8-bit sampling rate of 200 MS/s, previously unavailable in any PC-based oscilloscopes. Using Equivalent Time Sampling (ETS) for repetitive signals, the sampling rate is increased to a staggering 10 GS/s.

PicoScope PC oscilloscopes have many advantages over traditional bench top instruments, including:

Waveform storage limited only by the PC's storage capability
Captured waveforms and instrument settings can easily be shared with others
New functionality through free future software upgrades
Compact and portable design
Large memory buffers allow capture of fast and complex signals
USB 2.0 (480 Mb/s) gives fast data transfer, screen updates
Built-in 1 MHz Signal Generator
USB-bus powered - no need for external supply.

All digital oscilloscopes collect data into a waveform buffer, the bigger the buffer memory the longer the scope can collect data without reducing its sampling rate. PicoScope 3206 features a large 1MB buffer memory - a remarkable one million samples.

Other PC scope adapters have buffer memories of only 8 - 32 kB. With 1 MB of memory, PicoScope 3206 can capture at least 30 times as much data, allowing complex waveforms to be captured in great detail even if they last for long periods of time. Once captured, PicoScope oscilloscope software allows you to zoom-in on your signal at up to 2000 times magnification - allowing you to examine every last detail of the signal. Additionally, a signal generator built into PicoScope 3206 can output sine, square and triangle waves up to 1 MHz in frequency. An exteremely useful feature is the sweep function that can be combined with the spectrum analyzer peak hold function to quickly test the bandwidth response of filters and amplifiers.

PicoScope 3206 is available from stock at $1473.00 each from Saelig Co. Inc. Pittsford NY. info@saelig.com

More: Alan Lowne, 585-385-1750; fax 585-385-1768 Saelig Co. Inc, 1160-D2 Pittsford-Victor Rd. Pittsford, NY 14534 USA. info@saelig.com

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