PC-Based Test Instrument features 8-in-1 functionality.

Press Release Summary:

Featuring 3 x 5 in. pocket-size design, Model SF880 combines 100 dB dynamic range frequency response analyzer, 1 GHz oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, arbitrary waveform generator, data logger, frequency and phase meter with 10 Hz to 1 GHz range, logic analyzer, and pattern generator. Data recorder time base range is 500 nS to 365 days. Instrument works with any Windows computer with USB port, with no need for external power supply.

Original Press Release:

8-in-1 Low Cost High Performance Test Instrument

Product Description: Analog Arts introduces the SF880 PC-based 8-in-1 test instrument. The instrument includes a 100 dB dynamic range frequency response analyzer, a 1 GHz oscilloscope, a spectrum analyzer, an arbitrary waveform generator, a data logger, a frequency and phase meter, a logic analyzer, and a pattern generator. The 3x5 inch pocket size unit works with any Windows computer with a USB port, with no need for an external power supply. The SF880 has been developed for value minded users who need high end test equipment. Each instrument offers a set of impressive specifications and has been designed to be intuitive and easy to work with. The family has a price range of $640 to $920. The free demo application software allows the user to become familiar with the operation of each instrument. For more information, please visit www.analogarts.com/products/8-in-1-frequency-response-analyzer/sf880-high-performance , contact us at: info@analogarts.com,  or contact us at (781) 246-3800.

Key specifications

Frequency response Analyzer Dynamic Range: 100 dB

Oscilloscope Bandwidth (@ 500mV, 1X probe): 1 GHz

AWG Output Frequency (Sine Wave): 150 MHz

Spectrum Analyzer RBW: Less than 1 Hz

Data Recorder Time-base range: 500 nS to 365 days

Frequency and Phase Meter range: 10 Hz to 1 GHz

Logic Analyzer: Protocol Analyzer and Data Wizard

Pattern Generator Memory: 16 X 512k

Product Specification (data sheet): SF880, SF830, SF650, SF610 Specifications

Price and delivery information: $640 - $920 each, off the shelf

Reader and customer contact information: www.analogarts.com,  info@analogarts.com,  US (781) 246-3800.

Public relations contact information: Bernard Danesh (781) 246-3800 info@analogarts.com  or  s.ushani@analogarts.com

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