PC-Based Oscilloscope integrates spectrum analyzer, data recorder.

Press Release Summary:

Compatible with all Windows® OSs and USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, 3 x 5 in. SA975 has two input channels and does not require external power supply. Software and options, such as spectrum analyzer zoom-in capability, promote usability. Along with 8-bit vertical resolution, specifications include rise-time of 2.0 nsec, bandwidth of 500 MHz, and effective sampling rate of 100 GHz. Options include arbitrary waveform/function generator, logic analyzer, and digital pattern generator.

Original Press Release:

500 MHz Bandwidth Low Cost SA975 Oscilloscope/ Spectrum Analyzer/ Data Recorder

Product description: Analog Arts introduces the SA975 PC-based oscilloscope with spectrum analyzer and data recorder integrated in. The 3x5 inch pocket size instrument works with all MS Window operating systems and USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, with no need for an external power supply. SA975 was developed for value minded users who need high end test equipments. The device impressive specifications include a rise-time of 2.0 nS, a bandwidth of 500 MHz, and a real effective sampling rate of 100 GHz.  With a powerful software and options like spectrum analyzer zoom-in capability, SA975 was designed to be intuitive and easy to work with. The surprisingly low price of $450 complements the superior performance of the instrument. Additionally, the instrument has an option to include an arbitrary waveform/ function generator, a logic analyzer, and a digital pattern generator, all incorporated in. A free demo software is available on Analog Arts website. For more information, please visit www.analogarts.com, email to info@analogarts.com, or contact us at (781) 246-3800.

Key specifications
Bandwidth (@ 500mV, 10x probe): 500 MHz
Rise Time: 2.0 nS
Input Channels: 2
Vertical Resolution: 8 bit
Input Ranges: ±80 mV to ±80 V (10x probe) -  ±8 mV to ±8 V (1x probe)
Sampling Rate: 125 MHz
Effective Sampling Rate: 100 GHz
Spectrum Analyzer Frequency Range: 500 MHz
Spectrum Analyzer Bandwidth: 60 MHz
Spectrum Analyzer Maximum Number of Bins: 1,000,000
Spectrum Analyzer Distortion: 50 dB
Data Recorder Sampling Interval: 10 pHz to 102 MHz
Data Recorder Time-base range: 500 nS to 365 days

Price and delivery information: $450 each, off shelf
Reader and customer contact information: www.analogarts.com, info@analogarts.com, US (781) 246-3800.
Public relations contact information: Lot Khani (781) 246-3800, sinaushani@yahoo.com (preferable), info@analogarts.com (optional)

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