PC/104 Board provides 7 high-speed I/O ports.

Press Release Summary:

Supported by Linux and MS Windows variants, ZXE-UFE/104P provides four 480 Mbps USB 2.0 port, 2 IEEE 1394 Firewire port, and one 10/100 Fast Ethernet port. Board plugs into PC/104+ CPU card, consumes 2.5 W of power, and seamlessly interfaces with standard PCI bus with plug-and-play functionality. Suited for applications that have several optional peripheral devices, product allows OEMs to add different peripherals at final assembly or as add-ons in field.

Original Press Release:

Zendex ZXE-UFE/104P Multi-I/O PC/104+ Board Delivers the Best Value for Multiple I/O Port Needs

Dublin, California, June 1, 2003 --- Zendex Corporation has introduced a PC/104+ board that includes seven high speed I/O ports for applications that require multiple and varied peripherals. The ZXE-UFE/104P card provides four high speed USB2.0, two IEEE 1394 Firewire and one 10/100 Fast Ethernet ports. Data transfer rates range up to 480Mbit/sec. The board plugs into any standard PC/104+ CPU card and seamlessly interfaces with the standard PCI bus with "Plug and Play" simplicity.

The ZXE-UFE/104P features four of the new 480 Mbit/sec USB 2.0 ports. Unlike the slower 12 Mbit/sec USB 1.1, the USB 2.0 port rivals the speed of the 400 Mbit/sec Firewire port.

This multi-I/O card is useful in applications that have numerous optional peripheral devices, and for OEM systems that will be field-upgraded with peripherals. Typical applications include industrial controls, security systems, electronic kiosks, medical instruments and systems that require fast peripheral add-ons.

"Rather than buying separate cards for each desired port, we have given OEMs one PC/104 card that can address all their high speed I/O needs" declared Howard Czapla, CEO of Zendex. "The UFE board gives OEMs a huge amount of flexibility to add many different peripherals at final assembly, or even add-ons in the field."

The ZXE-UFE/104P is supported by Linux and MS Windows variants. In addition, the 2.5 watt power consumption makes this board useful for low power or battery-powered applications.

The ZXE-UFE/104P is priced at $295 in unit quantities, and the product is available off-the-shelf. Custom inquiries are encouraged.

Zendex is a full-service provider of PC/104 and other single board computers, embedded processor boards, multi-function boards, CIMBus, Multibus and iSBX modules, industrial enclosures and custom systems. Zendex also specializes in designing system boards for custom applications. Zendex headquarters is located at 6780A Sierra Court, Dublin, CA 94568-2623. Telephone 925-828-3000, fax 925-828-1574. Website www.zendex.com

Reader contact is Ned Baxter, 925-828-3000.

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