PBC Linear's Uni-Guide: Creating a Customized Solution for the Wood Working Industry

Rockford, IL- February 9, 2009

PBC Linear is pleased to announce several newly developed, customized accessories for its widely successful and highly applicable Uni-Guide linear slide. Providing an economical solution to material handling and feeding, these new powered and un-powered vices offer precise linear motion founded upon PBC Linear's ingenuity and their proven, long-lasting Simplicity® technology. With its simple, two piece assembly, the Uni-Guide design allows for drop-in installation that is easily customized into these newly available vices that are perfectly suited for the woodworking industry.

Outfitted with the same FrelonGOLD® liner as the Simplicty linear bearing, the Uni-Guide is fully capable of withstanding a multitude of environmental obstacles that cause conventional linear guide systems to seize up and fail. Dirt, dust, wooden or metal chips, fluids, and any other contaminants all DO NOT effect the performance of the Uni-Guide. Extreme temperatures and shock vibration also do not interfere with the system's overall performance. With no added grease or oil necessary, the self-lubricating Uni-Guide provides reliable precision linear motion throughtout the entire life of the product.

Completely customizable, the Uni-Guide has several newly available modular positioning accessories. The power feed system simply bolts onto a self-centering Uni-Guide platform allowing for the fast and accurate feeding of material. Backed by a heavy duty motor and gearbox, the Uni-Guide power feeder employs high power and precision linear motion in an easy to install system.

For un-powered applications, low cost holding modules function to create adjustable vices that can handle material ranging from 12mm up to 2.5 meters. With several different locking mechanisms available, ratchet-pinion, angle lock, modular clamp, the vices ensure positive grip; which prevents shifting of production material-such as wood-during machining. These systems also come available with optional air or hydraulic cylinders to facilicate fast loading and unloading of product materials.

For more information on the Uni-Guide machine platform or its feeding and work holding options, please call1.800.729.9085, email to marketing@pacific-bearing.com, or visit us at uniguide.pbclinear.com.

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