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TotalHR(TM) v4.0 client/server-based, fully functional, rapidly implemented benefits and payroll solution enables users to query databases and generate reports. Version 4.0 also allows users to run multi-site processing off of 1 database for more than 2,100 employees. It provides sets of best practices for seamless data management and reporting capabilities within consolidated human resources, benefits administration, and payroll processes.

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- Customers Cite Flexibility and Scalability of New Benefits and Payroll Solution -

Atlanta, GA - January 29, 2002 - Geac Enterprise Solutions(tm) Americas, a leading provider of Web-enabled enterprise resource planning (ERP) software applications, today announced the certification of TotalHR(tm), Version 4.0 - a client/server-based, fully functional, rapidly implemented benefits and payroll solution for middle-market companies in the United States. Two long-time TotalHR users, Dassault Falcon Jet Corp. and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer(MGM), have licensed the new version for immediate use. The launch of TotalHR 4.0 demonstrates Geac Enterprise Solutions' commitment to extending its product offerings in the mid-market sector while providing enhanced value to the company's extensive customer base.

"TotalHR 4.0 is highly flexible and user-friendly, and we now have the ability to query our database and generate reports quickly and easily," said Bob Basso, vice president of human resources at Dassault Falcon Jet. "TotalHR 4.0 will streamline our entire payroll process."

Dassault Falcon Jet - a wholly owned subsidiary of Dassault Aviation, one of Europe's largest aerospace companies - selected TotalHR more than four years ago because of its versatility compared with other ERP packages. Version 4.0 will allow the airplane manufacturer to run multi-site processing off one database for more than 2,100 employees.

TotalHR has provided flexible and scalable human resources administration functionality since its inception in 1992 - without the cost and integration requirements associated with large-scale ERP rollouts. Version 4.0 provides a set of best practices for seamless data management and reporting capabilities within consolidated human resources, benefits administration and payroll processes. Customers can easily adapt the solution into their unique business environment and become well equipped to manage, evaluate and define the future of their personnel and payroll operations.

A film production industry leader for more than 75 years, MGM uses TotalHR to run corporate payroll for its 800+ full-time employees as well as manage its massive residual payment structure. "MGM has a sophisticated payroll and rate structure involved in licensing film to different media (video, television, etc.); some of those payroll cycles involve generating anywhere from 12,000 - 14,000 checks. Just the sheer volume alone led to our decision to license TotalHR and manage the operations in-house," stated Greg Diller, manager of financial systems at MGM.

"TotalHR has proven to be very stable and extremely cost-effective. We feel comfortable with the future direction of the product and are confident that TotalHR 4.0 has the flexibility and scalability to meet our needs now and in the future."

In addition to core human resources management system (HRMS) applications, including Payroll and Human Resources, TotalHR is developing an employee self-service Web-enabled application that will allow users to directly access payment and benefits information, conduct account management and make informed decisions through a standard Web browser. This Web-enabled application, and other planned self-service modules, will allow businesses to substantially reduce administrative time and costs as well as improve the quality of the information they manage. All of these modules fit within a comprehensive suite of Geac TotalHR solutions aimed at streamlining benefits and payroll processing, and managing more effectively all aspects of the employee relationship.

According to Don Miller, TotalHR sales manager at Geac Enterprise Solutions, "TotalHR 4.0 offers a strong example of the types of technology enhancements Geac is undertaking to provide maximum value to customers, both existing and prospective."

Miller continued, "As the Internet evolves into an ideal business and communications platform for more and more mid-sized U.S. businesses, these firms require mature ERP solutions that connect their disparate locations and operations, giving them global access to the rest of the business world. But the cost for this integration and process reengineering warrants a technology investment that is commensurate with the size of the business. TotalHR is not only the perfect solution to meet the technology and budget requirements for a mid-size U.S. business, but it also provides a scalable infrastructure for the varying economic conditions that mid-market businesses typically encounter."

TotalHR 4.0 is available immediately in the United States.

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