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Leveraging data warehousing and management technology, ClearHistory® Suite streamlines storage, management, and reporting of information from any payments processing or clearing channel. ClearHistory Payment Archive optimizes management of information from any payment channel, eliminating data silos, while meeting compliance and reporting requirements. Providing user-configurable data analytics, ClearHistory Payment Analyzer can drive reporting, audits, CRM, operator statistics, and forecasting.

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US Dataworks Unveils ClearHistory: Suite of Innovative Archive and Analytics Solutions Specially Designed for Multi-Channel Payments Environments

HOUSTON, -- US Dataworks (AMEX:UDW) -- Extending the business benefits of its enterprise payments platform, US Dataworks today announced the availability of ClearHistory®, a suite of solutions that streamline the storage, management and reporting of information from any payments processing or clearing channel. ClearHistory currently features two modules: Payment Archive and Payment Analyzer. US Dataworks has a contracted purchase of the solution and will be showcasing ClearHistory along with Clearingworks® enterprise payments platform at NACHA's PAYMENTS 2010 event at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle. US Dataworks is exhibiting in booth 322.

"Today, financial institutions, corporate billers, and government entities are challenged to manage images and data from multiple payments channels, and to provide a high-level of data protection, data accessibility, and data tracking and reporting for compliance," stated US Dataworks President and COO Mario Villarreal. "Adding to these challenges are ever-increasing demands for real-time analytics to improve corporate agility and customer responsiveness. Traditional siloed payment archives are too costly, too inefficient and too fragmented to be effective. US Dataworks believes the solution is clear: ClearHistory."

ClearHistory combines substantial scalability and long-term information retention capabilities with integrated high-speed search, retrieval and reporting to reduce operations costs and streamline compliance. Leveraging next generation data warehousing and management technology, ClearHistory is the only platform that enables consolidation of data and images from any payment channel into a single, centrally-managed solution.

ClearHistory Payment Archive optimizes the management of information from any payment channel, reducing costs and eliminating data silos, while meeting compliance and reporting requirements. The highly flexible archive solution is specially designed for managing payments information across an enterprise. ClearHistory Payment Archive seamlessly integrates with the Clearingworks enterprise payments platform but can also be used in conjunction with any remittance or transaction processing application available on the market today. The platform can also accept images and data from any legacy image archive.

ClearHistory Payment Archive uses an advanced data warehouse architecture that ensures reliability and availability of large information volumes and optimizes search performance. Extensive volumes of data and information can be supported and stored for an unlimited length of time. The JAVA-based ClearHistory platform runs on both Windows and UNIX platforms and offers native support for industry-leading database environments such as Oracle, Postgres and DB2.

ClearHistory Payment Analyzer is a powerful, first-of-its-kind solution that provides robust, user-configurable data analytics across all payment processing and clearing channels. The charts, graphs and data can be used to quickly evaluate trends during a processing day, as well as trends by day of the week, month-to-month, year-to-year and more. It can drive reporting, audits, CRM, operator statistics, and forecasting.

"Demands for information reporting and analysis have never been greater," Villarreal said. "Key decisions depend on the ability to accurately monitor, measure and predict operational needs and payment trends. Most organizations try to bridge legacy payment silos, only to find themselves left wanting, despite a huge effort to integrate, report and analyze data across channels. Payment Analyzer's ad-hoc reporting eliminates weeks of programming effort."

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