Patton Adds SIP Registrar to SmartNode(TM) VoIP Equipment

For enterprise VoIP systems, Patton delivers interoperability, survivability, and easier deployment by adding SIP registrar to the ultra-rich feature set of SmartNode(TM).

SmartNode VoIP... more than just talk

GAITHERSBURG, Md. and BERN, Switzerland, Dec. 17 / -- Patton -- the leader in network access, connectivity, and VoIP solutions -- together with Patton-Inalp Networks AG -- creator of SmartNode VoIP technology -- announces SIP Registrar functionality is now available in SmartNode(TM) VoIP gateway-routers and customer-premise equipment (CPE).

With SIP registrar, SmartNode solves the interoperability issues normally involved with SIP-based enterprise VoIP systems, especially when adding an IP- PBX or SIP phones.

Building on the industry's richest set of calling, routing, and survivability features, SmartNode offers SIP registrar as a licensed feature in SmartWare(TM) release 5.T.

"VoIP technology is worthless," said Ramon Felder, President of Patton- Inalp, "unless it works. SmartNode interoperates with all the players. It works in the real world. Interoperability is what drives carriers and integrators to Patton."

Flexible routing and numbering have long been market-leading SmartNode features. Patton's interoperability program certifies an ever-growing roster of major-brand softswitch and IP-PBX vendors.

SIP registrar allows software-based phones and PBXs to register directly with the SmartNode instead of a SIP server or softswitch, offering the following benefits:

System interoperability. ITSPs trust SmartNode CPE as a well-known SIP- network termination point. Together with back-to-back user agent and inter- protocol transcoding, the SmartNode SIP registrar ensures compatibility of all VoIP system elements-from service provider equipment to the end user.

Simple set-up. Enterprise integrators and network administrators can install, configure and operate VoIP systems with lower hardware costs and fewer headaches. Engineers need only set up one network device (SmartNode) instead of two (SmartNode and SIP server or softswitch).

System survivability. Via breakout connections to the local PSTN, SmartNode provides dial back-up and IP link redundancy. With IP-PBX and SIP- phones registered in each branch-office SmartNode, inter-office VoIP calls can traverse the PSTN. So even when the IP network fails, SmartNode users can still talk to each other.

Low-cost entry, no-cost growth. For basic small-enterprise VoIP systems, SIP registrar eliminates the expense of a SIP server. VoIP-enabled small businesses can enjoy zero-cost growth, adding freeware soft-phones that register with the SmartNode.

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