Patent Awarded to Bishop-Wisecarver for New Dualvee® Washdown Wheels

Third DualVee Patent is Granted for Life Extending Design

Pittsburg, CA - - August 19, 2008 - - Bishop-Wisecarver Corporation, manufacturer of the original DualVee® guide wheel and industry leader in guided motion technology, announced today that it has been awarded a third U.S. Patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its latest technological development of a washdown wheel in their signature DualVee family of products

Designed primarily for washdown environments, such as those experienced in food and beverage applications, the DualVee washdown wheel significantly extends bearing life and increases bearing replacement intervals at least three-fold. The new bearing incorporates the patented inner seal and outer shield design. The design of the outer shield allows it to act as a momentary seal; while pressure from high velocity fluid causes the shield to deflect and conform to the wheel's metallic surface. When the pressure is removed, the shield returns to its normal position, allowing any liquid and debris that entered between the shield and seal to drain out or be spun out by centrifugal force. Available in sizes 2 and 3, DualVee washdown wheels feature AISI 440C stainless steel construction, FDA approved grease, and exceptional protection from high velocity washdown fluids and debris. Washdown wheels are interchangeable with Original DualVee wheels for ease of replacement.

"The issuance of this patent for our washdown wheel clearly illustrates the value and versatility of Bishop-Wisecarver's signature DualVee® product line", says Pamela Kan, president of Bishop-Wisecarver. "Once again, we have established our position as the leader and innovator of guide wheel technology by providing our customers where regular washdown practices have an adverse affect on the life and performance of standard bearings."

For more information on DualVee washdown wheels or to view this patented technology in action, click here. (

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