Patch Cables feature high bend radius.

Press Release Summary:

Single-mode macrobend/high-bend-radius patch cables utilize bend-insensitive Corning® SMF28e® XB full-spectrum, single-mode fiber that is compliant with ITU-TG.652.D and G.657.A standards. Cables are available with LC, SC, ST, or FC termination; APC or UPC polishes; and jacket thicknesses of 2 or 3 mm. Product has minimum bend radius of only 10 mm and is designed to be used in all network installs, and fits the FTTH market well.

Original Press Release:

Total Cable Solutions Releases New Single-Mode High Bend Radius Fiber Cables

Total Cable solutions (TCS) announced today a new product, Single-mode macrobend/high bend Radius patch cables. These patch cables are using Corning® SMF28e® XB that have improved bend performance when compared to standard single-mode fiber, yet is still backwards compatible. The Corning® SMF28e® XB is a full-spectrum single-mode fiber and is compliant with ITU-TG.652.D and G.657.A standards.

"This new product has a minimum bend radius of only 10mm, which is truly outstanding," said Rob Esau, CEO of NextGig Systems, a Total Cable Solutions premier resell partner. "Even when installers take their time and do a superior install, there are times that installers are forced to bend cables past its capabilities that increases signal loss. The result of signal loss causes decreased network performance or even worse, cause network down time. Corning® SMF28e® XB cable is designed to increase signal integrity reducing possible network failures"

The bend insensitive fiber is designed to be used in all network installs and fits the FTTH market extremely well. As networks continue to see data rates increase, which decreases the margins of error, bend-induced attenuation will become more of a problem. Thus, Installing Corning® SMF28e® XB fiber will protect your investment now and in the future.

The High Bend Radius patch cables have the following options:

o Termination: LC, SC, ST, FC

o Polishes: APC, UPC

o Jacket Thickness: 2mm, 3mm

Pricing for the High Bend Radius fiber patch cable, available only from our distributors, starts with a list price of $9.95. Currently TCS is expanding and has available areas for distributors.

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