Pastillation System delivers hemispherical pastilles.

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Combining drop depositor with steel belt cooler system, Rotoform HS produces pastilles of uniform shape from liquid melts. Suitable for low and medium viscosity, fast cooling products, system is 1,500 mm wide and available with up to 30,000 accurately positioned holes. It is capable of depositing droplets on to steel belt running at 120 m/min. Drop former is lifted into service position pneumatically for safety, while swing-out bearing unit facilitates access for maintenance.

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Sandvik Process Systems Launches New High Capacity Pastillation System

Sandvik Process Systems, manufacturer of the Rotoform pastillation system, has announced the launch of its HS version, a high capacity model capable of delivering twice the output of the standard Rotoform and with enhanced service and safety features.

The basic operating principles remain unchanged in that the Rotoform drop depositor combines with a steel belt cooler system to produce pastilles of a highly uniform shape, stability and quality from liquid melts. More than 1,300 Rotoforms are currently in operation around the world.

The key industries served range from chemicals, petrochemicals, agrochemicals to foods, with probably the most successful market being that of sulphur solidification. Other product examples include Urea, Bisphenol A, MA (Maleic Anhydride) and Naphthalene.

The main difference between the Rotoform HS and the base model is the much larger diameter of the rotating outer shell that deposits the molten product onto the steel cooling belt. This means the influence of centrifugal force on the droplet shape is reduced. The new system can be operated at a higher speed, while maintaining control of end product quality and still deliver a consistent pastille with a regular, hemispherical shape. It is suitable for use with low and medium viscosity, fast cooling products.

While the basic principle of the Rotoform has not changed with the development of Rotoform HS, Sandvik's engineers have carried out a complete review of how it is used in a production environment. The opportunity has been taken to simplify the design and introduce a number of service and safety enhancements.

First of all, Rotoform HS is easier to maintain due a new swing-out bearing unit giving easier access. Servicing is also simpler because of fewer components and a reduction in wear through the elimination of rotary seals. Also, the drop former is now lifted into the service position pneumatically. This lifting facility represents a new safety feature since if anything is caught between the drop former and the belt - the drop former automatically rises to minimise the risk of damage.

As sales manager Ulrich Nanz explains. "Rotoform HS represents well over two years' development work to produce a drop forming device with a much bigger diameter, 1500 mm wide, complete with anything up to 30,000 accurately positioned holes. It has to be capable of depositing high quality droplets on to a steel belt running at up to 120 metres a minute, whilst at the same time having a simplified design, making it easier to service and safer to use. The arrival of the Rotoform HS is another milestone in the history of this system and we're sure that it will have a major impact on solidification systems."

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