Passive UHF Class 3 RFID Tag survives harsh environments.

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Optimized for signal sensitivity and backscatter efficiency, model 136006 RFID single chip transponder has antenna design that ensures accurate tag reading/writing at distances to 50 m. It maintains performance in indoor and outdoor environments as well as around liquids, metals, and other RF-unfriendly conditions. Protected to IP67, tag supports multi-stage wake-up, incorporates application-specific security, and offers 60 kb user-rewritable memory.

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Passive UHF Class 3 RFID Tag

Toronto, Canada - GAO RFID Inc. ( has announced the availability of a rugged and compact passive UHF RFID tag which performs extremely reliable in generally tough environments around liquids, metals and other RF unfriendly conditions. It is specially designed for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications. A new antenna design ensures that the RFID reader accurately reads and writes to a tag at a maximum distance of 50m when it is mounted on vehicles, containers and bins. The Class 3 RFID single chip transponder can also be mounted on reusable totes, heavy machinery, trucks, rail cars, cargo containers and more using adhesives, screws or plastic cable ties.

This tag, model 136006, features a low turn-on threshold, multi-stage wake-up, high signal sensitivity and backscatter efficiency and built-in application-specific security. The advanced RFID tag has an IP67 protection rating enabling it to perform well even in harsh environments. It utilizes amplitude modulated forward link from reader to tag and frequency modulated receive link from tag to reader. The ability to activate selected groups of tags enables faster identification and storage of tagged item data. The RFID tag has a 60kb user-rewritable memory to store information including E-manifest, maintenance records, custody chain and history.

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