Passive PoE Midspan powers multiple devices in remote locations.

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Supplied in IP67 housing, fully isolated POE33U-560DO delivers 56 Vdc output per port and offers minimum output efficiency of 70%. Power injector has total output of 33.6 W for 2 outdoor IEEE802.3af-compliant applications. Intended for use on outdoor utility poles for IP cameras, device relays data between ports in order to allow wireless access point to be deployed for data transfer while avoiding IEEE regulation that powered devices be within 100 m of network switch.

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New Outdoor Midspan Option for Powering Multiple Devices in Remote Locations

Dual-output passive Power-over-Ethernet midspan for outdoor environments...

Fremont, CA - Phihong USA, a global leader in Power-over-Ethernet solutions, has designed a passive dual-output midspan for remote locations to be employed outdoors and in harsh environments. Designated the POE33U-560DO, the power injector has a total output of 33.6W for two outdoor IEEE802.3af-compliant applications. Intended for use on outdoor utility poles for IP cameras the device relays data between ports allowing for a wireless access point to be deployed for wireless transfer of data avoiding the IEEE regulation that powered devices be within 100m of a network switch.

"For outdoor security systems it's often the case where devices such as surveillance cameras need to be placed in remote locations, including up utility poles, where it may be difficult to integrate with the existing network structure," said Keith Hopwood, vice president of marketing for Phihong USA. "The dual-output design allows users to install an access point with a camera for wireless data transfer to a computer workstation."

Standard features on the POE33U-560DO include short circuit protection and compatibility for gigabit Base-T data rates. Additional safety features include Safe Extra Low Voltage so that the unit may be handled without injury and bears approval markings from cUL/UL and CE.

The POE33U-560DO has an output of 56V DC per port for a total power of 33.6W. The fully isolated midspan has a minimum output efficiency of 70% and may operate from -40°C up to 65°C. The waterproof housing has an ingress protection rating of 67 enabling it to be used in inclement weather and high humidity conditions for commercial, residential and industrial applications. Three ports on the front of the midspan connect to standard ¾ NPT conduit piping or users may opt for Phihong's wire glands PGLAND750.

The midspans measures 300mm by 184mm by 82mm with the mounting bracket in place and weighs 2.83Kg. Pricing for the outdoor midspan starts at $253.83 in single-piece quantities; for more information, including a product datasheet, visit

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