Parylene Coating Service targets PCB applications.

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Providing dielectric strength up to 6,800 V/mil, Parylene Coating can reach and cover small, remote areas when applied to printed circuit boards. Product offers moisture and chemical barriers, with protection against strong acids. Strength and chemical makeup of Parylene enable it to meet stringent and harsh demands of aerospace and defense applications. Product is also USP Class VI medical grade plastic, making it suitable for coating stents, catheters, and pacemakers.

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Specialized Coating Services to Unveil New Parylene Capabilities at MD&M West in Anaheim, February 14th - 16th

Meeting a growing demand for stronger coatings with greater coverage capability, Specialized Coating Services is pleased to announce the addition of Parylene coating technology to its extensive line of finishing services and treatments. This new service will be available March 2012, following months of machinery installation and personnel training. In order to seamlessly integrate the Parylene option into customers' choices, Specialized Coating Services has hired a coating engineer with 10 years of experience specifically working with that coating.

Parylene is a polymer that offers several benefits over other traditional coatings. Commonly used in printed circuit board (PCB) coating, its molecular profile enables it to reach and cover even the smallest and most remote areas. As more and more information is being contained on smaller and smaller PCBs, the surface etchings and wiring have become more intricate and difficult to fully coat. Parylene solves that problem while adding several strength and resistance benefits. It offers a higher moisture barrier and a more effective chemical barrier, with protection against even the strongest acids. Parylene also offers one of the highest dielectric strengths on the coating market at 6800 V/mil, more than four times the strength of typical coatings, which only run up to 1500 V/mil.

The unique strength and chemical makeup of Parylene make it an ideal coating for the stringent and harsh demands of aerospace and defense applications. It is also a USP Class VI medical grade plastic, making it a perfect biocompatible material for coating stents, catheters, pacemakers, and other medical devices used inside the body.

In addition to retaining experts in Parylene application, Specialized Coating Services' sales team is led by a professional with 15 years of sales experience in Parylene coating. With the addition of Parylene coating, Specialized Coating Services is one of the elite coating service providers, offering a full spectrum of coating types.

Specialized Coating Service will be officially unveiling its new Parylene services at the Medical Design and Manufacturing West Conference and Expo, taking place in Anaheim, CA from February 13th through 16th, with the expo commencing on the 14th. Located at Booth #864, experts from Specialized Coating Services will be available to discuss all the applications, qualities, and capabilities of Parylene coating.

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