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Comprised of heavy-duty, welded steel turntable; solid-state PLC control; and optional integrated conveyor, Rota-Rack(TM) enables any bar-fed CNC lathe equipped with parts catcher to run unattended for extended periods of time. It indexes each time finished part exits machine, safely collecting and protecting finished workpieces. Height-adjustable from 11-50 in., product has 1 m dia turntable that provides 850+ in.² of usable surface area and payload capacity of 700 lb.

Original Press Release:

New Patent-Pending Rota-Rack(TM) Parts Accumulator to be Exhibited by Royal Products at IMTS'08

Royal Products, booth W-2124, will be exhibiting their new Rota-Rack(TM) Parts Accumulator at IMTS. The Royal Rota-Rack(TM) is a lean, cost-effective device that enables any bar-fed CNC lathe to run unattended for extended periods of time. The unit indexes each time a finished part exits the machine, safely collecting and protecting finished workpieces.

Benefits of the Royal Rota-Rack(TM) conveyor accumulators and automation system includes: the ability to run a second or third shift with existing equipment and no additional employees, first-shift employees are freed up to handle more productive tasks, risk of part damage is greatly reduced, and parts are kept in order for quality control purposes.

The Royal Rota-Rack(TM) consists of a heavy-duty welded steel turntable, solid-state PLC control, and optional integrated conveyor. All contact surfaces are covered with a high-lubricity UHMW plastic for optimum workpiece protection. A one-meter diameter turntable provides over 850 square inches of usable surface area and has a payload capacity of 700 pounds.

The universal design of the Royal Rota-Rack(TM) enables it to be used with any CNC lathe that is equipped with a parts catcher. The unit can be mounted either to the left or right side of the machine tool, and it is height-adjustable from 11-50 inches. Programming takes approximately 20-seconds with the intuitive touch-screen PLC control, and no machine tool interface is required. The Rota-Rack(TM) operates on standard 110v electrical power.

By providing a method for safely collecting large volumes of finished parts, the Royal Rota-Rack(TM) helps manufacturers achieve significant improvements in both part quality and profitability. With a U.S. list price of less than $9,000, a full return on investment typically occurs within the first few months of use.

For further information on the patent-pending Royal Rota-Rack(TM) Parts Accumulator, please visit Royal Products at booth W-2124, or contact:

Royal Products
200 Oser Ave., Hauppauge, NY, 11788 USA

Tel: 1-800-645-4174, 1-631-273-1010
Fax: 1-800-424-2082, 1-631-273-1066

Sales Contact: Brian Mecca, CMTSE
Technical Contact: Keith Pochter, CMTSE

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