Particle-Size Analyzer reduces costs, increases capacity.

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Handling up to seven samples simulataneously, Gradex Model 1000 automates sieve analysis of dry granular material, eliminating need for operator to weigh, calculate, and record of data. Analyzer uses same rotary shaking/tapping motion as manual shaker. It accommodates six full-height or nine half-height test sieves and provides same results as manual process.

Original Press Release:

The New Gradex(TM) 1000 Particle Size Analyzer From Rotex - The Affordable Solution To Cutting Quality Control Costs

CINCINNATI, OH (November 28. 2001) -The new GRADEX 1000 Particle Size Analyzer from ROTEX INC., which automates sieve analysis of dry granular material, is the affordable solution for cutting quality control costs.

The GRADEX 1000 lowers the costs associated with particle size analysis through automation, which reduces the chances of operator error and allows technicians to go about their other job duties while as many as seven samples are analyzed.

The GRADEX 1000 uses the same rotary shaking/tapping motion as manual sieve shakers and accommodates either a stack of six full-height or nine half-height standard round test sieves.

The test sieves can be easily changed to meet specific testing requirements. Combining the same motion as manual sieve shakers together with standard test sieves ensures that the GRADEX 1000 provides the same results as manual sieve analysis while eliminating the time-consuming manual process.

The GRADEX 1000 reduces testing costs and increases test capacity without requiring additional manpower. It permits frequent and timely monitoring of the material being processed for better quality control, and also eliminates operator weighing, calculating, and recording of data, thus improving testing accuracy and consistency.

The new, low-cost GRADEX 1000 joins the GRADEX 2000 in the Rotex line of particle size analyzers. Customers can choose which of the two models best meets their needs depending on the number of tests being run, the size of the samples being tested and the level of data control required.

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