Parmatech Offers Metal Injection Molding Technology for Medical Device Manufacturing

Technology provides highly-engineered and efficient solutions for complex medical operations

PETALUMA, CA - Parmatech Corporation, a leading provider of custom manufactured Metal Injection Molding (MIM) components and services, offers advantages to allow for producing complex, three dimensional shapes in medical device components that would be virtually impossible to achieve with conventional fabrication technologies. These advantages include superior quality small part component manufacturing of intricate shapes and highly engineered alloys to provide increased product offerings at a cost-effective price for medical instrument providers.

Parmatech's metal injection molding components are used in a variety of Bariatric surgical tools used for gastric bypass and gastric stapling applications. The components are used in both the handheld mechanisms for drive components, as well as articulation components for varying the direction of the working end of the device. Applications include sealing and transecting of blood vessels and vein harvesting for bypass surgeries.

A 2008 MPIF Design Competition Grand Prize Winner, Parmatech's articulation gear exemplifies the company's excellence in MIM in the medical/dental category. The articulation gear's interrupted gear tooth window eliminates the need for secondary operations, as well as offers a significant savings over the machined version of the component.

Instrument providers using the efficiency of Parmatech's MIM technology are now able to ultimately increase the number of patients served through the expansion of their product offerings. Parmatech is a valuable partner in the effort to increase healthcare coverage by providing lower cost services to instrument providers.

About Parmatech Corporation

Since 1972, Parmatech Corporation has been a leading provider of custom manufactured Metal Injection Molding (MIM) components and services. Through proprietary process and material technology, Parmatech provides a robust set of solutions to meet the challenges of their customers around the world. Developed from over thirty-five years of operational experience, Parmatech's unique set of tools provide solutions to even the most demanding MIM applications.

Parmatech Corporation is part of the ATW family of companies and is the recipient of seven Grand Prize Awards, seven Awards of Distinction and two Awards of Achievement, a total of sixteen awards from the Metal Powder Industry Federation (MPIF). For more information on Parmatech Corporation, visit , call 1-800-709-1555 or write

About ATW Companies

Headquartered in Warwick, RI, ATW Companies runs state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities located in California, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. ATW Companies offers global sales and support and is a highly engineered metal solution provider to the metal component marketplace servicing customers worldwide. ATW provides a wide range of fabrication technologies to meet the exacting requirements of industries and diverse technologies for the most critical applications. Through continuously adding value and innovation to their products and services, ATW offers the best solutions for customers and their partners.

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