Parkson Installs Yet Another Energy-Saving Active Solar Dryer

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL - Parkson is pleased to announce the startup of a THERMO-SYSTEM® Active Solar Sludge Drying System in the town of Noblesville, Indiana. For this installation, a two (2) solar assisted chamber design with a 145kW supplemental heating system was designed to dry municipal sludge. The supplemental heating system consists of water-to-air heat exchangers positioned throughout the drying chambers that utilize excess hot water capacity from an existing plant boiler. This supplemental heat, which would normally be wasted to the atmosphere, will increase the drying performance of the system by at least 50%. By producing a 75% dry, Class A biosolid, the Thermo-System® will save the plant considerable money on disposal costs as compared with the previous method of landfilling unclassified, wet biosolids directly from a belt press. Additionally, leveraging the sun's free energy will result in dramatic operating costs savings as compare with more traditional thermal dryers.

The Noblesville startup is the first of a series of seven installations that will be commissioned in the next six (6) months alone. The numerous plants span the United States from Waimea, Hawaii to Kent County, Maryland.

"As wastewater treatment plants have increasingly looked for ways to reduce their high biosolids handling costs, we are very pleased that Thermo-System® Active Solar Sludge Dryer has been the technology of choice and allowed them to meet their needs. With 95% of the energy used for drying coming from the sun, and fully automated controls that keep the required operator attention extremely low, the operating costs of the Thermo-System® are dramatically less than most conventional, high temperature technologies," says Michael Hill, Thermo-System® Product Leader for Parkson.

For more information on how the Thermo-System® Active Solar Sludge Dryer can help solve biosolids handling needs in the most economical and environmentally friendly manner, please contact a local Parkson Sales Representative or Parkson Corporation at 1-800-553-5419.

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