PARKER PAGE Products Obtain USP Class VI Certification

March 1, 2007 - Fort Worth TX, PARKER/PAGE International Hose, is pleased to announce obtainment of certification for RCTW (Rubber Covered Fluoropolymer Hose) and PAGE-flex SBF(TM) products to the stringent requirements of USP Class VI. USP Class VI certification includes stringent testing of materials to determine biocompatibility, toxicity and extractables of a product. For end users, especially in the pharmaceutical and food industry, purity, taste, smell, color and extractables are critical characteristics. With a USP Class VI certified hose, this assurance of purity is absolute.

Testing to ensure purity includes USP 29, NF24, 2006 tests conducted to Class VI Test - USP <88> Biological Reactivity, Physicochemical Test for Plastic - USP <661>, Microscopic Particle Count Test - USP <788>, and L929 MEM Elution Test - USP <87>. Prior to certification, Parker Page International Hose only complied with these requirements by using compliant materials.

With USP Class VI certifications, Parker Page International Hose are proud to offer three product lines, (Silicone, RCTW and PAGE-flex SBF(TM) hoses), that ensure purity. These three product lines are extremely flexible, easy to clean and handle mid to high temperature ranges and can perform in many corrosive applications. In addition, these three product lines are offered with Parker Page International Hose's full line of crimped fittings including industrial, sanitary, PFA encapsulated and customized fittings to fit every application.

Parker Page International Hose offering fluoropolymer assemblies available in sizes from 1/4" ID up to 4" ID. For a brochure, please contact:

Janine Kruit, Marketing
Parker/Page International Hose
Fort Worth, TX 76106
Phone: 800.423.6551 x 116 - Fax: 800.438.9562

Contact Name: Janine Kruit
Organization: same
Title: Marketing

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