Paradial to Provide Firewall NAT Traversal to Colibria for Turnkey IMPS/SIP Solutions

Paradial to provide RealTunnel technology for firewall NAT traversal, voice and video for Colibria's convergence messaging solutions

Oslo, Norway, 15. February, 2007: Paradial today announced that Colibria, a leading provider of new generation mobile instant messaging solutions, has chosen Paradial as a provider of firewall and NAT traversal for Colibria's convergence solutions.

Paradial's firewall/NAT traversal client, which allows service providers and operators to deploy solutions with maximum call completion rates, will be bundled with Colibria's feature rich IMPS/SIP client.

"Colibria's customers will benefit from this partnership due to the Paradial's leading and proven technologies. Following extensive testing we found RealTunnel to deliver on the promise of maximum call completion rates. RealTunnel has worked seamlessly, intuitively and securely in all the environments we tested.", said Lars Kristian Roland CTO of Colibria.

"This agreement demonstrates the value Paradial brings to end-users, service providers, operators and technology providers in the IMPS, 2.5G and 3G segment. Paradial is proud to have been selected by the most innovative vendor in the instant messaging and presence segment. We see strong synergies between our product lines", said Kevin Kliland, Product Director, Paradial.

Availability and platforms

RealTunnel(TM) is available on Windows, Linux and Windows Mobile.

Key Product Facts
o Maximum call completion rate.
o Supporting any SIP client and any SIP Registrar.
o Small footprint SDK.
o The customers can use existing network infrastructure firewalls.
o No network or firewall modification is required.
o Optimal voice and video quality.

Supported network protocols:

Supported protocols:
o XMPP through SOCKS

Supported standards:
o SIP (RFC3261)
o STUN (RFC3489)
o STUN Relay (TURN)
o Symmetric Response (RFC3581)
o Extension Header Field for Registering Non-Adjacent Contacts (RFC 3327)
o Locating SIP Server (SIP DNS)

The most common HTTP proxy authentication schemes are supported:
o Basic authentication
o Digest authentication
o NTLM authentication
o Proxy pac scripts

About Paradial
Paradial is a privately held software company that provides market leading connectivity solutions to IP telephony, Instant Messaging (IM), video conferencing vendors and service providers globally. Paradial's patented firewall/NAT traversal & media tunnelling technology, RealTunnel, is probably the most comprehensive solution in the market.

Paradial also provides software-based multi-party conferencing and click-to-call solutions.

About Colibria
Colibria was founded in 2000 and is already a leading international player in the field of new generation Mobile Instant Messaging (MIM) solutions. Based in Norway, Colibria also has locations in the UK, Belgium, Spain, Singapore and the Philippines. Colibria has a global customer base of mobile operators in Europe, Asia and Latin America, as well as working with leading systems integrators. Strategic partners include LogicaCMG, Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia, and Motorola.

Colibria's IM platform provides an end-to-end solution from advanced server technology through to innovative handset clients. It delivers the infrastructure for launching instant messaging and associated multimedia services as well as advanced IMS based messaging and presence services.

Colibria is focused on ensuring interoperability between devices, platforms and operators. Its IMPS and SIP/IMS test server facilities are now the de facto standard for product and service trials, with users in over 30 countries around the world.

Colibria is an active participant in the international standards arena, contributing extensively to the OMA IMPS forum as a member of the Open Mobile Alliance, as well as the GSMA. It is also a founding member of the COMET alliance, a global consortium committed to the delivery of end-to-end converged messaging solutions.

Colibria's investors include Northzone Ventures (, Verdane Capital (, and Ferd Venture (

Contacts for further information:

Wergelandsveien 1
0167 Oslo, Norway
Phone: +47 22980055

Contact: Christian Testman, COO

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