Paper Void Fill Machine comes in table- and wall-mount styles.

Press Release Summary:

Mounted on packing stations or table top, ZZ-EP5950-24 Paper Crumpler converts rolls of Kraft paper into packing void-fill. After operators roll out amount of required paper, it is crumpled for placement around product. Wall-mounted ZZ-EP5955-24 is also available, and both 17 lb models feature all-steel construction and built-in cut off blade. Machines use 30 and 40 lb Kraft paper, newsprint, indented paper, or bogus paper on 1–3 in. cores with 8.25 in. max dia and 24 in. max width.

Original Press Release:

Riverside Paper Co. Introduces the Most Economical Paper Void-Fill Machines Available

The Paper Crumpler is a void fill dispensing system that converts rolls of Kraft paper into economical packing void-fill quickly and easily.  The Paper Crumpler is the most economical paper void filling machine and dispenser available.  No longer will you need to spend thousands of dollars on expensive machinery and the expensive proprietary papers that go with them.   The Paper Crumpler is a unique device designed to quickly and easily crumple most types of paper.  Just roll out the amount you need and the paper is perfectly crumpled for you to add around your product. The crumpled paper acts as cushioning as well as void fill. Our void-fill machines will work with plain Kraft paper, including newsprint, indented paper, and bogus paper that you can buy anywhere.  Roll width capacity up to 24".  All steel construction will have the Paper Crumpling device working year after year.  A built-in cut off blade provides clean, fast and effective packaging.  The Paper Crumpler can mount on packing stations or on a table top. This Patent Pending Crumpling Paper Device is made in the USA.   So economical, you'll want to buy Kraft paper crumpling dispensers for each packing station in your warehouse.

The ZZ-EP5950-24 Paper Crumpler is available for immediate shipping for $175.00.

View our video and see how easy this void-fill machine works, please go to this link. .

Our ZZ-EP5955-24 can be wall mounted for convenience over a packaging station.  It is also available for immediate shipping for $209.25.  Go here for complete details,

ZZ-EP950-24 and ZZ-EP955-24 Paper Crumpler features:
- Light weight:  The ZZ-EP5950 Weights only 17 lbs., easily moves from one packing station to another.
-The Wall mount unit, ZZ-EP955 installs in minutes and weighs only 17 lbs.
- Easy set up: Quickly load rolls of standard paper.  Maximum roll width is 24”.
- Maintenance: no moving parts to maintain.  The built-in cutting blade is the only wear part.  Clean the blade daily for maximum efficiency.
- Solid Steel construction for years of use.
- No electrical outlet needed. 
- Uses economical 30 and 40 lb. basis weight Kraft paper, newsprint, indented paper or bogus paper on 1”-3” cores with a maximum diameter of 8.25” and maximum width of 24”.

Riverside Paper Co. works with customers to provide them with a customized solution for their unique packaging, shipping and production needs. We believe that every company deserves more than just having to choose from a list of products with predetermined pricing. We tailor pricing and products to your specific needs. Since 1973 Riverside Paper has been partnering with manufacturers, fulfillment centers, fabricators, printers, retailers and other small businesses with our Stock & Custom Products. Visit our website to learn more.

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