Paper Roll Transporter carries heavy loads on cushion of air.

Press Release Summary:

Using air bearing (air caster) technology, Airfloat adjustable paper roll transporter floats heavy paper rolls on cushion of compressed air. This lets one worker pick up and move rolls of varying sizes weighing up to 5,000 lb. After attaching transporter to compressed air system, operator slides forked platform around paper roll and closes adjustable forks. Lifting flaps gently raise paper roll directly off ground, and dimensions foster maneuverability in any direction.

Original Press Release:

New Air-Riding Transporter Makes Paper Roll Handling a Breeze

DECATUR, IL - Airfloat is pleased to announce its latest technical innovation: the adjustable paper roll transporter. The device uses air bearing (or "air caster") technology to float heavy paper rolls on a cushion of compressed air.

The Airfloat transporter allows a single worker to pick up and move rolls weighing up to 5,000 lbs. After attaching the transporter to the facility's compressed air system, the operator simply slides the forked platform around the paper roll, then closes the adjustable forks around it. Lifting flaps gently raise the paper roll off the ground. The operator is now free to safely and effortlessly maneuver the roll in any direction - on a cushion of air!

"Our new paper roll transporter is a great alternative to fork trucks, the source of thousands of industrial accidents each year," says Gary Mollohan, Airfloat's marketing manager. "It can pick up rolls right off the floor and operate in spaces too small for fork trucks to maneuver. Plus, the adjustable forks accommodate rolls of various sizes and weights."

About Airfloat
As the pioneer of air bearing technology, Airfloat has been creating unique heavy-load movement solutions for over 40 years. Airfloat works with multiple industries to create material handling solutions for loads requiring frictionless, omnidirectional movement to product weighing over one million pounds.

What are Air Bearings?
An air bearing is an inflatable polyurethane disc that replaces wheels on conventional skids, carts and other material handling equipment. Air is pumped into the bearing and forced out through tiny holes in its underside, raising the device off the ground. The air that is forced out forms a thin lubricating film between the bearing and the ground, allowing nearly frictionless, omnidirectional movement. Airfloat air bearing systems make it possible to move a 1,000-lb. load with about one pound of force.

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