Panels dampen air compressor noise.

Press Release Summary:

Compressor Acoustic Panels cut noise by 10-12 dB on 5-10 hp vertical/horizontal compressors with tank size up to 120 gal. Sealed via Velcro closure over entire edge, panels mount to heavy-duty 1 3/16 in. extruded aluminum frame. Units have waterproof, chemical-resistant quilted surface that is nonporous and coated with fiberglass vinyl. Manufactured of fire-retardant material meeting ASTM-E84 Class 1, panels operate in temperatures from -20 to +180°F.

Original Press Release:

Panels Put the Damper on Compressor Noise

(Pewaukee, WI) As much as many operations could not do without clean air compressor power, the noise is another matter. Typical sound intensity of close to 100 dB is at a level OSHA deems as hazardous to hearing. To protect employees in the area of a working air compressor, Goff's introduces their new Compressor Acoustic Panels. This is portable hearing protection that can cut air compressor noise on a 5-10 hp vertical and horizontal compressor with tank size up to 120 gal by 10 - 12 dB.

These panels go to where the compressors, whether in a stationary production set-up or to blockout noise in on-site maintenance, and are usable in rugged environments. The panels are closed using a Velcro type closure over the entire length of the edge. The quilted surface is non-porous fiberglass vinyl coated, are waterproof and resistant to most chemicals.

The panels mount to a heavy-duty 13/16" extruded aluminum frame that is lightweight move easy portability to the job. The frames join together with hinges, allowing the frame and panel to open for compressor maintenance. An optional caster kit enables one panel section to roll open for access.

The material is fire retardant, meeting ASTM-E84 Class 1 and can operate in temperature ranges from -20 to 180°F.

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