Panel Bender suits small batch operations.

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Fully automatic Performer ABT® panel bender verifies sheet thickness, tests and compensates for thermal expansion, self-adjusts for bending spring-back, and uses algorithms to compensate for material thicknesses and bend profiles to make both simple or multiple up and down bends. Digitally-powered manipulator with integrated rotator turns blank to proper angle for bending using the notches of blank as reference points.

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Performer - Salvagnini's New Panel Bender Provides an Alternative to Multiple Press Brakes in Small Batch Production

HAMILTON, OHIO (October 26, 2004) - The new, 2005 Performer ABT® panel bender from Salvagnini was introduced simultaneously at the Fabtech (Cleveland, Ohio) and Euroblech (Hanover, Germany) trade shows on October 26th. The Performer is especially designed for job shops and other applications where a high number of parts per day produced in small batches are the norm. With a guaranteed setup time of 5 minutes or less, the Performer brings a lean flexibility to manually loaded and unloaded panel bending.

Positioned as a more productive, more flexible, affordable alternative to the limitations of conventional press brakes, the new 2005 Performer draws upon the long heritage of Salvagnini Advanced Bending Technology (ABT) to achieve the highest quality panel bending.

ABT is Salvagnini's proprietary package of control enhancements that instructs the Performer and its workpiece handling systems how to form finished parts. ABT transfers all necessary technology to the machine, so that highly trained operators are not required. The Performer ABT automatically verifies sheet thickness; constantly tests and compensates for any thermal expansion caused by environmental factors; self-adjusts for bending "spring-back" that occurs during the processing of sheet metal panels; and uses algorithms to compensate for material thicknesses and bend profiles to make both simple or multiple up and down bends.

Once an operator places a blank on the Performer's worktable, Salvagnini's compact panel bender becomes completely automatic. The reliable, digitally-powered manipulator with its integrated rotator turns the blank to the proper angle for bending, using the notches of the blank, rather than the edges, as reference points. Because all movements of the sheet are accomplished by the manipulator, not an operator, results are accurate, repeatable and safe.

For more than 30 years, Salvagnini has served the global metalworking industry by designing, manufacturing, marketing and servicing flexible sheet metal processing systems, machines, process software and tooling for factory integration. Major product lines include punching and shearing, automatic panel bending and laser cutting systems. And as the originator of automation in the sheet metal fabricating sector, Salvagnini offers complete material handling capabilities, including ASRS, robotic loading/unloading, conveying and parts manipulation. More than 2,500 Salvagnini systems are in operation in more than 50 countries around the world.

To find out more about how the Performer Compact Panel Bender can solve the toughest quality and production challenges, contact Salvagnini America, Inc., 27 Bicentennial Ct., Hamilton, OH 45015. Phone: (513) 874-8284. Fax: (513) 874-2229. Website:

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