Panel Anchors/Reinforcing Strips are made of rigid plastic.

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Measuring 16 x 1¾ in., Kreuz panel anchor is pre-molded into L-shaped configuration to facilitate installation. Guideway lets Kreuz reinforcing strips or traditional wire reinforcing slide into it, joining 2 components together. Offered in 1 ft lengths, each reinforcing strip features male and female ends, and any number of strips can be connected together. Anchors and reinforcing strips are made from impact- and fatigue-resistant plastic that retains stiffness and flex.

Original Press Release:

Plastic Panel Anchors and Reinforcing Save Time, Money and Offer Solutions.

(Surrey, British Columbia, Canada) - Global Plastics, maker of the Kreuz Glass Block Spacer, is pleased to announce the launch of Kreuz Panel Anchors and Panel Reinforcing Strips.

Increases in the cost of steel and shipping prompted Global to develop a viable alternative to hot-dipped galvanized and stainless steel panel anchors and reinforcing.
The Kreuz panel anchor is 1 3/4" wide x 16" long and is pre-molded into an "L" shaped configuration, saving time during installation. It features a guide way that allows Kreuz reinforcing strips (or traditional wire reinforcing) to slide into it, joining the two components together, rather than just lapping the anchor over the reinforcing.

The Kreuz reinforcing strip comes in 1-foot lengths, each featuring male and female ends. This permits any number of strips to be connected together, eliminating waste and the damage that comes with handling cumbersome 10-foot lengths of wire reinforcing.

The patented Kreuz panel anchors and reinforcing strips are made from rigid, tough plastic that is impact and fatigue resistant while retaining stiffness and flex. The material has a much lower co-efficient of expansion and contraction than metal, reducing mortar cracks. More importantly, it will not absorb moisture; therefore it will not swell, rust, or stain and is non-toxic.

A Certified Independent Laboratory conducted testing of the products and determined that they meet or exceed the criteria of ASTM-E330 - Uniform Static Air Pressure in accordance with TAS 202-95.1 to a Design Pressure of 75 psf. This is equivalent to winds in excess of 170mph. They also meet or exceed the criteria of ASTM-E84, ASTM-D635-98 and ASTM-D1929. These tests assess the various burn characteristics of the material used to produce to Panel Anchors and Reinforcing.

Masons will never have to bend or cut metal on site again, nor will they have to cart around 10' lengths of reinforcing. They will appreciate that plastic, unlike steel, is a stable commodity that is not subject to wild price fluctuations that can affect profits. Most of all, Masons will be pleased to learn that Kreuz panel anchors and reinforcing strips cost less than their hot-dipped galvanized and stainless steel counterparts.

Global Plastics is a privately held, plastic injection molding company, located in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. For additional information on this company and/or its products, contact Everett McLaren toll-free at 888-225-7380 or fax toll-free to 800-828-8353. E-mail to: On the web at: and

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