Pan-Tilt Units control payloads up to 15 lb.

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Weighing under 10 lb, PTU-D48 computer controlled pan-tilt units have payload capacity of 15 lb (side mount) and 10 lb (top mount). They feature fully controllable pan and tilt speeds ranging from below 0.006-100°/sec, and ±0.006° positioning resolution in pan axis. Suited for fixed and mobile applications in industrial and military markets, units have operating temperature range of -30 to +70°C, single MIL-style connector, and single 12-30 Vdc power input.

Original Press Release:

Directed Perception PTU-D48 Low-Cost Precision Pan-Tilt Unit

Rugged and compact, for real-time control of payloads to 15 lbs

BURLINGAME, California. September 10, 2008 - Directed Perception, Inc., a leading manufacturer of advanced products for the control and positioning of sensors, today announced the general availability of its PTU-D48 family of computer controlled pan-tilt units designed for high speed, accurate positioning of cameras, thermal imagers, lasers, antennas, and other payloads to 15 lbs. The extremely rugged, compact design has flexible mounting options for single or multiple payloads and is suitable for fixed and mobile applications (air, ground, sea) in industrial and military markets. The units are now shipping to customers worldwide for utilization in a variety of communications, surveillance, defense, and R&D applications.

Compact, Light-weight design enables wide range of applications
The compact, light-weight design of the PTU-D48 provides precise, computer-controlled pointing and tracking for a wide range of fixed and mobile applications. Many of today's mobile surveillance and communications applications require a rugged light weight positioning and pointing solution. The PTU-D48 delivers this solution for applications such as: tower mounted surveillance cameras, UAV camera systems, police and military ground vehicles, antenna tracking systems, border and perimeter surveillance, military force protection systems, night-vision applications, and more.

The integrated design of the PTU-D48 provides a complete turn-key positioning solution for fast, accurate, dynamic, computer-controlled positioning of pan and tilt through a wide range of motion. Sensor and communications systems designers can save months of product development time by using the PTU-D48 as a complete, drop-in positioning solution. The accuracy, high speeds, and dynamic control capabilities of the PTU-D48 enable applications which were previously difficult or impossible to implement in a cost-effective manner.

Advanced feature set, low cost, off-the-shelf availability
In the past, high-performance pan-tilt systems have been custom-designed for a specific application. This drives up costs, and reduces availability. Military and industrial customers today demand proven COTS solutions that can be put to work immediately, and without large engineering costs. The PTU-D48 meets that need.

The patent-pending mechanical design uses worm gear design for superior dynamics and rigidity - no belts or pulleys. Specific performance features include:

o Payload capacities of 15 lbs (side mount) and 10 lbs (top mount)
o Fully controllable pan and tilt speeds ranging from below 0.006 °/second to 100 °/second
o ±0.006° positioning resolution in pan axis
o ±220° pan range with internal payload wiring (option)

The PTU-D48 includes a fully-integrated controller with digital commands for fine-grained control of speed, acceleration, position limits, and power modes. Unit can be commanded in terms of either position or velocity and allows on-the-fly command changes to support dynamic tracking applications. Both RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces are built-in and an Ethernet option is available. Control software interfaces available include a LabView driver and a C source-code API for use with embedded or desktop CPUs.

The PTU-D48 is constructed of anodized machined high-grade aluminum and provides a sleek, integrated package with flexible payload and pan-tilt mounting options. Packaging features include:

o Rugged all-weather design(IP67) with wide-range operating temperature (-30 to +70° C)
o High duty cycle design (3-5 million cycles)
o Single 12-30VDC power input
o Single MIL-style connector for all signals and power. Pass-through of payload signals including power, video, and serial control.
o Compact size (7.7"H x 5.1"W x 5.6"D not including payload connector or brackets)
o Weight: under 10 lbs.

Designed for easy customization for OEM applications
The PTU-D48 has a number of design features to support rapid customization to meet specific OEM requirements. Customization options include changes in: payload connectors/cabling, mounting brackets, control protocols, and network interfaces.

Price and Availability
The PTU-D48 is available now. U.S. pricing is $4500 (Quantity 1) for standard configuration. Substantial discounts in volume.

About Directed Perception, Inc.
Directed Perception is a leading manufacturer of innovative devices and software for the intelligent control of sensors and sensor processing including video cameras, IR sensors, laser rangers, microwave antennas, thermo-imaging sensors, and more. Directed Perception offers a complete line of pan & tilt devices for computer-controlled positioning in both indoor and outdoor environments. Directed Perception's pan-tilt devices offer high speed, precision, durability, and small form factors. Directed Perception serves systems integrators and OEMs in mission-critical applications including surveillance, sensor fusion, automated detection and tracking, robotics, communications, border security, machine vision, and automated test in military, aerospace, and industrial markets.

Directed Perception has a 16-year history of pioneering camera and sensor control systems. In commercial markets, Directed Perception serves market leaders such as IBM, Bechtel, iRobot, Cognex, Honeywell, and hundreds of major universities and small, innovative companies worldwide. In military and homeland security markets, Directed Perception has helped companies such as General Dynamics, Harris Corporation, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, and SAIC to serve the needs of the most demanding customers including the U.S. Armed Forces, U.S. Government, and NASA. Directed Perception is privately held and headquartered in Burlingame, in Northern California.

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