Pallet Tracking & Retrieval

What determines the value of an asset? Is worth the product of the actual ownership, or is the real value determined by how the asset is used (how it serves the purpose for which it is intended)?

Individuals responsible for material handling may not be aware that plastic pallets do not have to be purchased to deliver their ultimate value. Plastic pallets (plus other plastic shipping/storage devices) may be leased, or, as with certain wooden pallet arrangements, may be trip-leased, thus avoiding a cash outlay that may be used for more immediate needs.

Plastic pallet and other storage/transport device leases are arranged for you by Opprocon via a host of 3rd party leasing companies. Our service also includes trip-leasing through nationally established tracking companies who guarantee that a specific quantity of units is always at your dock to cover daily/weekly outbound shipping needs. In both cases, either straight leasing, or trip-leasing, the pallets and other devices bear your company logo and are thereby "dedicated" to you. This assures you that units are identified as your property, thereby discouraging unauthorized use. Straight 3rd party leasing is recommended only for those who use their own outbound/inbound dedicated fleet. Trip-leasing is designed for those who ship via common-carrier. Pallets & other units are returned to the shipper's dock via the trip-leasing company trucks.

Historically, a major concern in the conversion from wood to plastic has been the inability to have plastic pallets and other units returned to the owner. Obviously, the absence of "investment protection" causes many to shy away from the transition process. The above services are available to resolve this issue.

For more information on the above process, please contact Opprocon, Inc. at We will be pleased to bring you up to speed on this and other developments.

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