Pallet meets UL 2335 classification for flammability.

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Universal Pallet with Flame Edge(TM) Technology incorporates edge-racking capacity up to 2,800 lbs, without support. Impact-resistant, plastic pallet moves from racking and forklifts to conveyors and lift tables. Flame-retardant unit is available with metal reinforcing rods; anti-slip rubber plugs on deck, rails, and feet; and 4-way entry. Suited for manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing applications, pallet offers beveled fork openings.

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Buckhorn's Universal Pallet Meets UL 2335 Classification for Flammability

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 2002 - Buckhorn introduces the Universal Pallet with Flame Edge(TM) Technology to improve fire safety in material handling operations. The Universal Pallet incorporates edge-racking capacity up to a full 2,800 lbs., superior impact resistance, and flame retardant materials to meet fire code requirements-delivering higher, long-term performance over other pallets in its class. The flame retardant Universal Pallet offers an alternative to plastic pallet users who are faced with upgrading sprinkler systems or reverting to wood pallets to meet fire code requirements and keep insurance premiums down. Compared to wood pallets, the Universal Pallet delivers a quick return on investment with lower cost per trip and savings from product damage, pallet repair, and waste disposal - yet it requires no commodity class increase. "The combination of efforts from our engineering and testing group, our material suppliers, and testing by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. has resulted in a pallet that not only meets relevant fire codes, but also incorporates superior design, precise materials and molding, and rigorous testing to insure the best long-term performance available from a flame retardant plastic pallet," said John Orr, General Manager of Buckhorn. "This is just one example of Buckhorn's commitment to continuously innovate products that consistently meet or exceed customer expectations." Ideal for most manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing applications, the Universal Pallet provides edge-racking capacity up to a full 2,800 lbs. without support. Automation-friendly, the pallet moves easily from racking and forklifts to conveyors and lift tables. The variety of features and options allow customers to configure the pallet for their application environment: o Metal reinforcing rods to match capacity/racking needs up to 2,800 lbs. o Anti-slip rubber plugs on deck, rails, and feet to stabilize loads and allow safer handling. o Pallet is easy to clean with steam, hot water, and detergents. o 4-way entry provides easy handing from any orientation. o Beveled fork openings for easy alignment with fork tines. o Bottom deck is easily replaced or repaired if damaged. o ID labels, tags, and stamps for easy inventory control and pallet tracking. The Universal Pallet with Flame Edge technology meets UL 2335 classification for flammability in accordance with NFPA 13, Standard for Installation of Sprinkler Systems, the guideline set by the National Fire Protection Association for distribution centers. The code provides an exemption for plastic pallets that present a hazard "equal to or less than that preseated by idle wood pallets" and are listed accordingly. To meet the classification requirements, the Universal Pallet underwent an idle pallet test and a commodity storage test series and was evaluated based on its performance compared to wood. The testing showed the pallet demonstrated less; flame spread rate and operated fewer sprinklers than wood pallets. An online certifications directory and more information about testing can be found on the UL web site at Buckhorn, a Myers Industries, Inc. company (NYSE: MYE), is one of North America's leading providers of reusable plastic packaging solutions, helping customers in the manufacturing, distribution, and food industries improve supply chain performance and reduce material handling costs. Buckhorn products include a broad selection of bulk and hand-held containers, pallets, and custom dunnage, plus services ranging from reusables implementation to custom product design. For more information, Call 1-800-543-4454 or visit

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