Pallet Labeler can be used in harsh environments.

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Operated via touchscreen UI, Model 252E-AC features label printer applicator protected from dust and debris by stainless steel enclosure. Temperature inside enclosure is controlled by air conditioner/heater mounted below enclosure as part of fixed base stand. Front and back panels are hinged for access to print engine, operator controls, and media loading. Along with 14.5 in. label unwind, features include removable door for label application operations and plasma coated air assist tube.

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Pallet Labeler for the Harshest Environments

ID Technology Engineering has developed a specialized Pallet Labeler (Model 252E-AC) for use in the harshest environments. First the Label Printer Applicator is protected from dust and debris by a stainless steel enclosure. Second, the temperature inside the enclosure is controlled by an air conditioner/heater mounted below the enclosure as part of the fixed base stand.

With this exclusive design it is no longer necessary to use a separate enclosure to protect the applicator, since the enclosure and applicator are one. All machine components and modules are mounted on a unique faceplate and the stainless steel enclosure is then wrapped around the faceplate. This provides optimum access, as both the front and back panels are hinged for easy access to the print engine, operator controls and for media loading. The enclosure is also equipped with a removable door for label application operations.

The fixed rugged mounting base provides stability throughout the labeling process. An option for a fixed base without the air conditioner/heater is also available – Model 252E-FB.

The 252E is built with the same revolutionary Centerline-Modularity™ design philosophy as the Model 252 Label Printer Applicator. The goal of this process is to eliminate as many adjustment points as possible for increased uptime and lower operating cost.

The 252E features a new touch screen User Interface for easier programming, a unique plasma coated air assist tube that eliminates label sticking and a 14.5” label unwind. The larger unwind allows for greater uptime since labels need to be replaced less often.

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