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Pallet/Crate Seal secures contents and indicates tampering.

Press Release Summary:

Oct 10, 2013 - G2G Snap-N-Secure seal polycarbonate solution secures pallet and crate contents by snapping in place, without use of installation tool, over strapping clips so that ½–¾ in. wide polyester or steel strapping cannot be removed and replaced. Attempts at removal leave clear indications that shipment was tampered with during transport; seal is designed to fracture at strategic areas to indicate tampering. Also, product can be customized with barcodes, inkjet markings, or consecutive numbering.

Labelmaster - Chicago, IL

Original Press Release

Labelmaster Exclusively Offers the G2G Snap-N-Secure(TM) Pallet and Crate Seal

Press release date: Oct 01, 2013

The G2G Snap-N-Secure seal offered by Labelmaster is an innovative new design in pallet and crate security.

CHICAGO -- Labelmaster®, a leading manufacturer and distributor of regulatory compliance products, packaging and shipping solutions, has expanded its product line to include the G2G Snap-N-Secure Pallet and Crate Seal. The G2G seal is a tough polycarbonate solution that easily snaps in place without the use of an installation tool and accommodates ½" to ¾" wide polyester and steel strapping. This is the only pallet seal on the market that is easy to install, economical, and can be applied to both steel and polyester strapping.

The G2G Pallet and Crate Seal is designed to snap in place over the strapping clips so the strapping cannot be removed and replaced; thus securing the contents. Attempts at removal will leave clear indications that the shipment was tampered with during transport. The seal is designed to fracture at strategic areas to clearly indicate tampering. G2G Pallet and Crate Seals can be customized with various barcodes, inkjet markings, or consecutive numbering for track and trace from point of origin to destination--providing complete chain of custody.

For product information, please visit, the G2G Snap-N-Secure Pallet and Crate Seal page or call 800-621-5808, fax 800-723-4327 or email our sales team.

Labelmaster, established in 1967, is a developer, manufacturer, distributor and marketer of hazardous materials compliance products, including DOT placards, labels, regulatory publications, UN packaging, and more. The company's 45 years of experience providing regulatory information and products for all transportation modes make it especially qualified as a total compliance resource. To learn more about Labelmaster, find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

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