Pallet Covers and Gaylord Liners come in over 100 sizes.

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Available in 1.5, 2, 3, and 4 mil, Poly Pallet Covers and Gaylord Liners protect product from dirt, dust, and moisture. Black Opaque Pallet Covers help to prevent pilferage, by hiding identity of pallet contents. Black Pallet Covers with protective UV additive allow storage of goods outdoors up to 1 year. Made from shrink bundling film and offered in 4 mil and 5 mil, Pallet-size Shrink Bags will secure and protect products on pallet with tight form fit.

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New Poly Pallet Covers and Gaylord Liners from Riverside Paper

Riverside Paper Co. introduces over 100 sizes of industrial plastic covers & liners

Miami, FL – Poly pallet covers and Gaylord bins are available for immediate shipping in over 100 sizes. Using our high strength Gaylord liners will extend the life of your bulk containers. Reuse expensive Gaylord boxes and bulk containers longer by keeping them clean inside. These durable poly pallet covers and bin liners are available in 1.5 mil, 2 mil, 3 mil and 4 mil. We have a pallet cover that will fit most of the popular pallet sizes used in America. With over 100 sizes your palletizing just got easier. All of our Palletizing products are made in the USA.

Pallet covers and Bin liners protect your product from dirt, dust and moisture. Black Opaque Pallet Covers help to prevent pilferage, by hiding the identity of the pallet contents. Guard your products from the harmful UV rays. Our Black Pallet Covers have protective UV additive to allow storage of goods outdoors up to one year. UVI pallet covers are available in 10 sizes. Go here for information:

Pallet-size shrink bags available. These giant pallet wrap bags will secure and protect your products on the pallet with a tight form fit. Pallet shrink bags will provide a more secure wrap thank any stretch film wrap or strapping. Our pallet shrink bags are made from high quality shrink bundling film and available for immediate shipping. Choose from 4 mil and 5 mil. Go here for the exact sizes available.

• Pallet covers ideal for outdoor storage.

• Poly pallet covers are conveniently put up on rolls.

• Sizes are designed to fit over standard pallets.

• Used as bin liners in corrugated bulk containers.

• Pallet top sheeting is used in conjunction with Stretch wrap films.

• Opaque black pallet covers help deter thief.

• Black Covers with UVI additive: Keeps the sun’s harmful UI rays from deteriorating the poly cover

Measuring up: To determine the size of the cover you need just use our simple formula. See our link below for the formula. Then take a look at our sizes to see the closest stock size.

If you don’t see the size you need, we can manufacture custom pallet covers with lower minimums that most manufacturers call us with your specifications; 305.722.0110 ext.250

Riverside Paper Co. works with customers to provide them with a customized solution for their unique packaging, shipping and production needs. We believe that every company deserves more than just having to choose from a list of products with predetermined pricing. We tailor pricing and products to your specific needs. Since 1973 Riverside Paper has been partnering with manufacturers, fulfillment centers, fabricators, printers, retailers and other small businesses with our Stock & Custom Products. Visit our website to learn more.

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