Paint Can Transfer System saves paint and facilitates pouring.

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Featuring plastic design that fits snugly on 1 gallon paint cans, Snap N Save has centered spout that eliminates wasted paint, and adaptor that enables marrying of 2 cans so paint is conserved. Lids protect paint and can from rust and debris, even when stored. Spout cap will keep paint from spilling if tipped over, and can also be used for touch-up container. For long-term storage, flat lid with no spout is also available.

Original Press Release:

New Tool Conserves Paint and Simplifies Pouring

Snap N Save Paint Can Transfer System Saves Paint And Eliminates Mess With A Uniquely Designed Lid and Spout

Sebastopol, CA - Created to improve the way paint is poured and saved, General Development Laboratories of Morro Bay, California has recently released Snap N Save, a universal solution for traditional paint cans. It utilizes durable plastic in a unique design that fits snugly on one-gallon cans. A centered spout makes pouring easy to eliminate wasted paint while an adaptor enables the marrying of two cans so paint is conserved. The lids protect the paint and the can from rust and debris even when stored.

Snap N Save paint can-transfer system helps save and store any viscous liquid that comes in one-gallon metal cans. Manufactured with the same durable plastic used for food containers, the lids snap on easily, forming a tight seal for mess-free pouring. Using the adaptor, a centered, circular spout can marry with another can to efficiently pour the remaining paint without any loss. It also allows controlled pouring to a roller tray or brushing container.

Snap N Save includes a spout cap that will keep paint from spilling if tipped over. The cap can also be used for touch-up container. A flat lid, with no spout, is also available for long-term storage. This eliminates the rust that can accumulate on traditional metal lids, which makes it more difficult to open and can compromise the paint. With the flat lid cans can stack easily.

Snap N Save paint can transfer system helps save money and protect the environment for those who normally have to pay to dispose of unwanted paint. It reduces fumes. And paint won't stick to the lid.

"I created this system to get the maximum value out of my paint," said Peter Sanford, Founder of General Development Laboratories. "It's so simple to use. It's dishwasher safe. And it even keeps the bail handle up for ease-of-use. No more waiting for the paint to drain. Just tip them together and walk away. If you want to get the most out of your paint, there really is no alternative."

Snap N Save carries a MSRP of $19.95 and is currently available at Contact Peter Sanford by email at, or call 805-772-5127 for more information.

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