Paddle Blade Fans operate quietly.

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Multi-Wing 8M Series has broad paddle blades that achieve lower turbulence at tips, thus producing lower noise than traditional stamped metal fans. Blades are thermoplastic and hub is cast aluminum for strength, low weight and corrosion resistance. Fans are available in 3 standard angles and 10-20 in. dia. Standard and special inch or metric bores can be provided. Applications include cooling towers, HVAC and evaporators.

Original Press Release:

Multi-Wing 8M Series Fans From Crowley Feature Broad Blade Design For Exceptional Performance

BURTON, OHIO---Crowley Company's 8M Series Multi-Wing Fans feature a unique broad paddle blade design that helps them achieve lower turbulence at the tips, producing a lower noise signature than traditional stamped metal fans.

The fans are made with engineered thermoplastic blades and a pressure die cast aluminum hub for strength, low weight and corrosion resistance. A 20" diameter fan weighs just 1.4 pounds.

Flexibility is another advantage of 8M Series Fans. They're available in three standard angles and any diameter between 10" and 20". Both standard and special inch or metric bores can be provided, as can custom tailoring for unique applications.

The 8M Series Fan's design and adaptability make it well suited for cooling tower, HVAC and evaporator applications.

All Multi-Wing Fans feature a modular design which permits almost unlimited flexibility by providing customized, application-specific solutions at off-the-shelf prices.

Crowley Company offers a wide selection of Multi-Wing Fan Systems for air-moving applications, including HVAC, cooling towers, industrial motors, air-cooled condensers, generators, compressors, refrigeration, ventilation, heat exchangers and locomotives.

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