Pad Printing Machine offers accelerated cycle times.

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Featuring industrial ink jet RapidFire 1001, KP 06 one- and 2-color pad printing systems combine fixed cup/moving cliché with moving pad. This allows feeding/loading without concern for pad vertical position. Machine can stop with pad over cliché area, leaving loading and fixture area completely clear. With zero vibration or stress, this unit will produce 2,000 cycles/hr under most conditions in one color or 1,700 cycles/hr 2-color.

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Pad Print Machinery of Vermont Keeps Customer Demands Priority with New KP06 Design

EAST DORSET, Vt. - Pad Print Machinery of Vermont is excited to present the latest version of the XP 06 one and two color pad printing systems. This latest version, referred to as the KP series, follows behind a most successful line of predecessor units, building on the experience of the past 25 years.

This newest machine, according to Bill Kelley, head machine designer at Pad Print, is "a combination of ideas that have allowed us to design a machine that makes the most of space, speed, and utility." Kelley goes on to explain, "We have combined the concept of a fixed cup/moving cliché with a moving pad to allow a machine that can be fed/loaded without concern for the pad vertical position, as the machine now can stop with the pad over the cliché area, and that leaves the loading and fixture area completely clear."

Kelley also notes with a smile that when they came up with the idea, he never realized how much simpler and faster the pad cleaner would function. The pad cleaning tape now lies below the cliché front position, so that when the pad is back it is located directly above the tape, allowing immediate cleaning after a print cycle and zero waste of cycle time, when operated in the single cycle mode. Under certain conditions of printing, the pad cleaning cycle ensures quality of image as well as pad and cliché life. This simple "invention" is an awesome advantage over competitors' machines, and the pad cleaning device is completely out of the way. The fact that the pad and cliché move toward one another during the inking cycle allows that to occur simultaneously and extremely quickly so we now have a unit that is capable of cycling faster than before. With zero vibration or stress, this unit will produce 2,000 cycles per hour under most conditions, and in two color mode, 1700 cycle per hour would be common. This machine is available with two 110mm cups in the two color version, and with either a 110mm cup or a 130mm in the one color versions.

"We designed the machine with customer demands in mind, and we have succeeded," said Joffe, newly appointed CEO to the company.

The new KP-06 is the latest in Pad Print Machinery of Vermont's "Engineered Printing Solutions", which includes the industrial ink jet RapidFire 1001.

For more information about this and Pad Print Machinery of Vermont's full line of inks, pads, clichés, and other auxiliary equipment and automation options, visit or call toll free, at 1-800-272-7764.

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