Packet Capture Appliance enhances 24/7 network monitoring.

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Delivering 100% full packet capture and extended 48 TB lookback period, USC10M2 helps users find data necessary to review, examine, and diagnose Gigabit and 10G network incidents and troubleshoot related issues. Sustained live operational speeds reach 5 Gbps at 6,000,000 packets/sec, and peak capture speed is 10 Gbps. Along with secure, menu-driven UI, features include 20,000-bit dual encryption, automatic failover passthrough and manual bypass, as well as inline and SPAN capture modes.

Original Press Release:

IPCopper Evolves Its Data-Centric Solutions with New Network Monitoring Release

PORTLAND, Ore. -- IPCopper announced today the release of the USC10M2, its 48TB, 10Gbps 6,000,000 packets per second appliance for 24/7 network monitoring. The USC10M2, a high-performance and high-capacity packet capture appliance, increases the capabilities of businesses and other organizations to capture and retain volatile network data on Gigabit and 10G networks. This new release emphasizes performance and ease of use for professionals by delivering 100% full packet capture and a longer 48TB lookback period to help users find the data necessary to review, examine and diagnose network incidents and troubleshoot related issues.

In a fast-paced environment where they are dealing with a multitude of cyber attacks and other outsider and insider network threats, infosec teams need high-performance tools that deliver results, with easy deployment and simple management. With sustained live operational speeds of 5 Gbps at 6,000,000 packets per second and a straightforward menu-driven user interface, the USC10M2 handily meets and exceeds these needs. A standalone appliance dedicated to capturing every packet off the wire in full, the USC10M2's key features include:

-  5 Gbps sustained capture speed at 6,000,000 packets per second

- 10 Gbps peak capture speed

- 48TB storage with 20,000 bit dual encryption

- Secure, menu-driven user interface

- Automatic failover passthrough and manual bypass

- GPS time synchronization

- Inline and SPAN capture modes

The USC10M2 joins IPCopper's data-centric ecosystem of tools for advanced data capture, network monitoring and security analytics. The USC10M2 fills the growing network management need for visibility in a compact, robust, rack-mountable package, serving both high-speed fiber and copper networks. With the historical insight built from the USC10M2's larger pool of captured data, infosec professionals can more easily baseline normal network activities and pinpoint the abnormal, with the ability to review the network data in full, down to the very last byte of each packet's payload.

In building its nimble, high-performance appliances, IPCopper takes its customers' security seriously. Each USC10M2 packet capture appliance features not only multi-stage encryption of its stored data and management traffic and a stealthy network profile, but also a high strength, bullet-resistant, stainless steel enclosure to provide physical security and peace of mind.

In technical terms, the USC10M2 provides full packet capture with both copper and fiber connectivity, long-term storage, bypass and GPS. In business and practical terms, the USC10M2 provides the backstop for when other network security solutions fail and knowing what happened, how and when becomes critical. For more information on the USC10M2, please visit

IPCopper, Inc. provides secure, high-performance network appliances for network recording, troubleshooting, debugging and security monitoring plus data management and analytics servers for integrated network monitoring. IPCopper, Inc. designs and manufactures the software, firmware and hardware for its products in the USA.

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