Packaging: The Best Way to Ship Your Product

We are a proud and dedicated family of expert box manufacturers at Paramount Containers. Located in California since the 1970s, we have produced countless sets of customized and standard corrugated boxes, folding crates, regular cardboard boxes, foam inserts, special packaging projects, and storage packaging. We have branched into accessories that help to make the boxing process even simpler and surer, because you only have to stop at one place to get everything you need. It will match well and will bring your business to life.

Our sales representatives are skilled with handling many different business situations where boxing and packaging presents many practical as well as aesthetic questions. Ask away, because our salespeople are very familiar with box manufacturing and will be able to reassure you or give you the guidance you need in order to make the choice for your product. Packaging is very important in how you will make your first impression on customers, so take care to get it right! We can help you, especially with our full range of packing extras. We can also litho-laminate designs, as well as print them on the boxes in regular ink.

With everything we have to offer, you'll be able to create a box that is not only perfect for your product, but it will also be perfect for withstanding the rigors of shipping and travel that may be necessary if you are going to expand your company's sales outside of your local area. If you have to purchase a whole other set of boxes from another box manufacturer when you realize that shipping is necessary, you have to spend a lot more money, and you don't even know how many of these other boxes you should order. The hassle is great. But when you order with Paramount Containers, we can get you versatile and durable boxes from the start, so that your local boxes also can be shipped and maintain their design and structure, protecting your assets and delivering a still-excellent product to your expectant customers.

Our website is clean and easy to navigate, as well. This is a reflection of the corrugated boxes we create: strong, simple, smooth on the outside with interest and structure on the inside. Your shopping experience is intended to be as easy as your actual packaging experience with us at Paramount Containers.

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