Packaging System ensures 100% pack sequence verification.

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In addition to packaging products to be shipped, PriorityPak(TM) System scans bar codes, weighs item, and applies shipping labels. Smart-sensing technology scans item's dimensions to deliver correct amount of Cold Seal® cohesive-coated material from 2 supply rolls. Item is automatically weighed, postage is calculated, and before system forms package, it prints and applies shipping label to top web of material while in flat state, ensuring label will not fall off.

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Sealed Air's Newest PriorityPak(TM) System Offers An Automated Packaging Solution with Enhanced Functionality

SADDLE BROOK, N.J. (Oct. 30, 2006) - Sealed Air Corporation's newest PriorityPak(TM) system not only packages products to be shipped, but scans bar codes, weighs items and applies shipping labels. The system guarantees 100 percent pack sequence verification, ensuring the correct label is on the correct item.

"The one-in, one-out concept is extremely important to prevent items from being mislabeled and ensuring order accuracy," stated Jeff Zahansky, business manager of automated packaging solutions for Sealed Air Corporation. "In comparison to more expensive alternative systems that occupy three times more space and require ongoing software support, the new PriorityPak(TM) system is cost efficient, time-saving and occupies minimal floor space with a footprint measuring 9-feet long by 3-feet wide by 7-feet tall."

The PriorityPak(TM) system requires a minimal level of integration. Using an existing pack station computer, an operator can unplug the previous components including the hand-held bar code scanner, scale and label printer, and connect the components that are configured on the PriorityPak(TM) equipment. Compared to non-integrated systems, the PriorityPak(TM) system provides better ergonomics and increased product flow. In addition, the PriorityPak(TM) system "solution" can increase an operator's productivity by up to five times which typically provides a return on investment in less than a year.

The smart-sensing technology on the PriorityPak(TM) system scans an item's dimensions
to deliver the correct amount of the Cold Seal® cohesive-coated material from two supply rolls to the PriorityPak(TM) system. As the two webs of material surround the item, the Cold Seal® material adheres to itself creating a sealed edge adjacent to the item which minimizes shifting and increases product protection. The result is a compact, custom package that reduces postage costs compared to packaging with corrugated cartons and void-fill materials. The materials available that are compatible with the PriorityPak(TM) system are PriorityWrap(TM) Film/Paper Laminate, PriorityWrap(TM) Bubble Laminate and PriorityWrap(TM) Rigid Board.

The PriorityPak(TM) system enables the operator to scan the barcode from the product or pack slip. When placed on the bottom web of the Cold Seal® cohesive-coated material and against the product detection gate, the item is aligned or straightened similar to a lugged in-feed conveyor but without occupying extra space or incurring the added cost. The item is then automatically weighed and postage is calculated. Before the system forms the package, it prints and applies the shipping label to the top web of the material while in a flat state - ensuring the label will not fall off, as opposed to traditional methods, where the label is applied after the pack is made. With a correct label, the packaging process is completed by the system, and the package is ready for shipment.

PriorityWrap(TM) Film/Paper Laminate is used for lightweight, non-fragile items, such as clothing. PriorityWrap(TM) Bubble Laminate is ideal for lightweight items requiring surface protection and cushioning such as cell phones, CD-ROMs, cosmetics, DVDs and pharmaceuticals. PriorityWrap(TM) Rigid Board is best used to package items requiring corner, edge and surface protection including books, calendars and photographs. When packaging with the PriorityWrap(TM) Rigid Board material, the PriorityPak(TM) system uses the patented XRS(TM) technology to create a crescent seal which secures items in the center of the package providing additional corner protection.

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Sealed Air is a leading global manufacturer of a wide range of food and protective packaging materials and systems. Sealed Air's widely recognized and respected brands include Bubble Wrap® cushioning, Cryovac® food packaging products, Jiffy® protective mailers and Instapak® foam-in-place packaging. The Company's products protect and preserve its customers' products from the plant or warehouse through the rigors of the distribution chain. Sealed Air's industry-leading investment in research and development enables the Company to deliver innovative packaging solutions that add measurable value to its customers' businesses around the world. Sealed Air's commitment to innovation and quality products resulted in it being ranked as America's Most Admired "Packaging, Containers" company in FORTUNE's 2006 survey. For more information about Sealed Air, please visit the Company's web site at

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