Packaging System aids efficient discharge of viscous products.

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Available in aseptic version, Air-Evac® increases amount of higher-viscosity fluids that can be extracted from Arena A330 Shipper(TM). Volume of liquid pumped out of inner chamber of liners is replaced with shop air introduced to chambers on outside of bag. Inflating air chambers push liquid content toward bag outlet. Air volume is increased as liquid content decreases, and liquid can be pumped out as product pools around drain opening. Shop air never comes in direct contact with bag contents.

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Aseptic Air-Evac®

Save money when discharging viscous products.

The Air-Evac® packaging system that dramatically increases the amount of higher viscosity fluids that can be extracted from an Arena A330 Shipper(TM) is now available in an aseptic version.

The addition of aseptic, high-capacity barrier bags brings the efficiencies and cost savings of the Air-Evac® system to high-quality food applications such as fruit fillings, diced tomatoes, sauces, and other mid-range viscosity food products that are suitable for aseptic packaging. The use of aseptic packaging is growing in response to the market's demand for improved product safety.

The Air-Evac system works by replacing the volume of liquid pumped out of the inner chamber of the liners with shop air introduced to chambers on the outside of the bag. The inflating air chambers push the liquid content toward the bag outlet. Air volume is increased as the liquid content decreases. As product pools around the drain opening, it can be easily pumped out, enabling the Air-Evac to achieve very low residual levels, virtually eliminating waste. The shop air does not come into direct contact with the bag contents, preventing product contamination.

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Available with a wide range of fitments suitable for most products and fillers.

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